Cream of Mushroom Soup

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Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup is full flavoured and so easy to make, you won’t buy soup in a can again! FULL RECIPE:


Passion for mushrooms says:


Enochlo says:

Made it myself and this was so damn good.
But instead of bouillon I instead bought chicken breast meat, chopped it up and added it along with the mushrooms.
Great taste, but the smell of garlic lingers for hours, so you guys have to get breath mints if you don't wanna brush.

Dewa Budah says:

Im starving searching this

Nasser Almuttahar says:

Why was flour added, was it for thickness?

Lisa Swank says:

Made this for a friend that loves the canned stuff. No leftovers.

AVAF 02 says:

This gives such big Ratatouille vibes

Per Shop says:

Looks very tasty. Without the cream, this also looks like a very good soupy soup with mushrooms and these other veggies!

Scotty says:

The soup was epic enough and then she goes in with a garlic bread dunk Woooooaaaaaaah food porn. I am making this for sure.

Marsha Campbell says:

Can I change out the cream for coconut milk?

Abdulwadood Kayen says:


Porsha Nelson says:

This soup is so naughty.

Brain Blue says:

Came for the soup stayed for the music.

Lian Obied says:

Looks great

Yngvild Víðarr says:

Why I like your videos — I don't have to sit and watch a 8-minute video while the presenter is telling me how they ate that dish when they were a kid and the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. My only note is that you say exactly what you add, for example, what kind of herbs?

joe8075 says:

Recent mistakes I made with this recipe: Using 2 percent milk versus evaporated canned milk, used Kitchen Basics brand chicken stock versus Campbell's soup brand chicken stock, and tastes better using a Pinot white wine versus any red wine. Learn from my mistakes folks.

Jean Black says:

This mushroom soup is straight up sex

Sasha O'Donnell says:

I just made this soup following your recipe to the T.
Was concerned about my white, shiitake and oyster mushrooms turning bad. Plus I had some left over parsley and wine in the frig.
The soup came out absolutely scrumptious….

Blue Wolf -Gaming YT says:

what sort of herbs?

francess s says:

great smooth jazz music with fast cooking — perfect!!! and looks so yummy, easy to make.

Dianna A says:

I neighbor gifted me two very large boxes of fresh mushrooms. I froze them and now know what I want to make.

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