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Jamie loves a good pasta dish and we’ve lined up 7 delicious recipes from our archives for you guys to check out!
From Summer Sausage Pasta to an incredible Veggie Bolognese we’ve got you covered on all things pasta related!

Jamie’s Everyday Super Food originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based stream Jamie programmes on All 4

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Links from the video:

How To Make Pasta Shapes | Jamie’s Comfort Food | Gennaro Contaldo

Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

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Gabriel Unt says:

good vid, but pls change the background music haha

Rohit Krishnan says:

Am I the only one who thinks of Ratatouille when someone says Linguin'i'.

Yum Yum says:

Hey Mr Jamie you’re an inspiration!!!! 👏

Agneza Barutanski says:

03:38 I swear to god, I thougth he burned himself pretty badly.

Debbie isaacs says:

"we.." 😀

Alyssa M says:

What kind of chilies do you use?

Health Food Fitness and Fun Secrets says:

Nice recipe

نجلاء عبد الجود says:

انا من متبعينك من ايام قناه فتافيت
من فضلك ترجمة بى العربى

نجلاء عبد الجود says:

ممكن ترجمة بى العربى

Ikenna Bede says:

I'm hungry all of a sudden

Ajita13 says:

On the cover you literally look like Patrick Jane from the Mentalist! XD

Edgar Einstein says:

Mackerel and limeade!!!

Андрей Горбачев says:

Я просто балдею когда он готовит, !💪💪💪✊✊👍👍👍

리젤아기레 옹 says:

Light but heavy

Cesar B says:

Italians, don't watch!

Ravina Smith says:

I love watching how Jamie Oliver cook and talk his accent.he puts all his heart ❤️ in his cooking you can feel.mmmm

Robert Gabreels says:

Hey jamie ur son buddy does it very good for his age its amazing ( he is maybe better then u haha)

Thanks for ur video's.

hen ko says:

Watching this at 1:33 in the morning…. Now I'm hungryyyy!

Chop Happy says:

Pasta is always a great and these recipes look amazing! Loved this video!

Karya C says:

It sounded like someone was watching boardwalk empire in the background of the first clip lol

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