Delicious Vegan Broth Recipe & Epic Vegan Ragu

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Rich vegan broth recipe and a delicious heart vegan ragu! As requested, sharing with you guys a vegan broth to replace beef broth! Hope you enjoy 😀 xxx


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Rachel Ama says:

Hey guys! Christmas is coming I waas wondering if anyone had an suggestions for some vegan Christmas recipes I can share with you guys??! Let me know! Also recipes for these two will be up within 15 mins from this message ha! Love always xxxx

WhoaNelliee says:

Lmfao before you played the genuwine song I was like “ wow I think I’m pregnant “ DEF going to try this!

gail squires says:

I tried a few of your recipes and it come out great your meals r great and easy

Garfit Gar says:

Great thank you very much

lea jaffredo says:

I truly think this is my favorite pasta recipe

Renza says:

Does anybody know how long you can keep this stock good in the fridge? Rachel love your video's and my family too! Gave my dad (meat lover) his first vegan dish. He was shocked how good it was. We will get him vegan to 😀

LottaTroublemaker says:

Sorry, you did NOT say it right, as you only said part of it. It is Worchestershire sauce, «wooster-shy’er sauce»❗️❗️❗️👏👍☺️

Laura Marsden says:

I love your videos and i have tried making some of your recipes and can't say anything bad at all. 🙂 I love salmon, i know not vegan but i eat it instead of meat tbh.

Marie Bagard says:

Hi Rachel, I really loooove your recipes this is the 4th one I am trying. Just wondering what type of lentils you use in the ragu and do you cook them or use the canned ones? Cannot wait for your cook book x

Jess Robinson says:

Loving your videos as always! How long would you recommend reducing the broth for? 
Keep up the hard work! Lots of love xxx

Tanya Daugherty says:

I’m going back plant base/vegan. I’ve done my research and I feel better about my decision. Thank you for all of your videos. You make it look so easy I’m happy I found you. God bless and much success!

Jorge Ward says:

dont know if it will get the likes, but one thing i saw that would improve it a lot (in my opinion) is while the veggies are roasting u could toast the peppercorns u put later. I think that will bring a lot more flavor and takes 5 minutes

Meurine says:

Is there any way to « use » or cook the vegetables after they’re taken out of the stock like soup maybe ? Otherwise it seems like a lot of waste using all those veg just to make tasty water 🤣

Nastaskiya Samuel says:

Hi Rachel. Is there something else I could use instead of the red wine 🤔?? Btw I am not vegan but I simply love your recipes.

Nastaskiya Samuel says:

Hi Rachel. Is there something else I could use instead of the red wine 🤔?? Btw I am not vegan but I simply love your recipes.

D Burden says:

What type of pasta did you use it looks so thick and delicious ?!

Laura Benitez says:

Someone tried the broth already? How was it?

Yvonne Chan says:

We need to become friends


Can't wait to try the broth, it looks really good. Thanks!

siena verber says:

Looks delicious! Is this also the stock you used for the beef-less stew? Or was that just regular veggie stock? Xxx

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