How to Cook Healthy Plant-Based Meals Without Oil (Full Class)

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This is a full class video presentation by Evita Ochel ( that explains the health considerations of using oils and how to make whole food, plant-based meals with no oils of any kind.

Evita’s 7-Hour Video Cooking Course:

Video Topics & Time Chapters
– Introduction (0:00)
— What healthy plant-based eating means: plant-based vs. vegan (2:15)
– Part 1: Why Oils Are a Problem (6:43)
— How to reduce health risks associated with oil use (16:52)
— Why heating oils is a problem (21:10)
– Part 2: How to Cook Without OilsHealthy plant-based cooking methods without oils (27:50)
— Safest cookware options (37:00)
— Healthy plant-based meals without oils (42:55)
– Further resources (51:05)
— Article: Why oils are not part of a whole food plant-based diet:
— Recipes (oil-free):
— Forks Over Knives Oil Information:


Alexandra Ariel says:

If we put oils on skin for dryness, is this bad because it soaks into the body?

365daysofbipolar 365daysofbipolar says:

I am so glad I found you. As my handle indicates I suffer from a condition that requires I learn about healthy eating. It is nice to find a fellow Canadian as a teacher.

Ricky Roma says:

The internet is for Tools.

Ricky Roma says:

Its called steam. Done.

BeLight says:

Thanks a lot for your presentation! πŸ’ 😍

Su Su says:

I make my own gluten free wraps with chickpea/ oat flour and use oil to cook in a flat pan. How can I cook without the oil please? Would water make it soggy? TY

My Home Journal says:

Thank you for this class…

Judith Hoell says:

Thank you very much !

Veggi Vet says:

It's been so long since you posted a video! Thanks so much for all the great information you convey in this class. Much appreciated!

1234 says:

I try to give up oil over and over, but oil is just so tasty…….. Oil and oil based dips and sauces just make anything taste better… I'm trying!!!! I am working on building a camper and I am gonna buy some land and live out in the middle of nowhere, and I'm only gonna eat plants. My hope is that I'll be far enough from civilization that I'll be less tempted to eat unhealthy stuff.

A. Kalenik says:

Thank you for the information! I am new in the whole food/plant journey, looking forward to learn more about it.

Cloud Spirals says:

Great video! I try to cook as little as possible and promote this to those that ask for advice.
This a great resource that I can refer them to!

Healthy Kelsey says:

Thank you for the information. I just started a plant based channel and this is very helpful information!

Melvina White says:

Thanks for the education on how and what to use when cooking, however it wasn't clear on what kind d of cookware that you use can you please give me the name of stainless steel that you use. Thanks in advance πŸ€—

Leonardo D'amico says:

every thing you say is the Truth l have parkinsons disease thats from. seed oils

Melach of the earth says:

Hey there! I didn’t know you were still post videos! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈYayyyyy!

Rm Mamun says:

its good πŸ‘ but too long video. I will watch letter.

Prince Samuel Java says:

Thank You for this class!

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