Little Beet Table Puts a Healthy Spin on Holiday Classics

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At his new full-service follow-up to Little Beet, chef Franklin Becker focuses on cooking simple dishes with a bit of flair. See how he dresses up a holiday classic like sweet potatoes without any marshmallows or maple syrup. For more videos, subscribe to Zagat’s channel here:


Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ says:

I love little beet, glad they're in FiDi now

Monika Mondal says:


The Legends Never Die says:

Who the hell puts marshmallows and maple syrup on sweet potatoes? Seriously whats wrong with people? No one in Europe would even think of ruining their food like this.

Veinytriumphant barstard says:

"we make food, *well"

Darude Sandstorm says:

roasted sweet potatoes – 8 dollars and according to the video, its only two potatoes with olive oil and salt. plus tax and tip….

sweet potatoes are 1.50/lb, olive oil is like cents…and salt is a fraction of a cent…


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