Reacting To… How It's Made Episode 10 – Vegetarian Meat Substitutes, Quorn

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What is Quorn made out of? You may wonder, probably not. Be sure to leave a like if you guys enjoyed this video and also subscribe to the channel if you are new!


Tracy P says:

Didn't like or subscribe and frankly didn't make it through the whole video because you act like such a jackass. People who put down other's for their weight are no better than someone who bullies others because of their race or sexual orientation. You assume he's overweight because of what he eats. He may have a metabolic condition or an illness he has to take meds for that cause him to carry a few extra pounds. And before you go off on someone's looks, check out a mirror…

Fragmented Memories says:

Quorn has bomb ass chicken meat replacements. Their spicy chicken patties are amazing. They are better than most veggie chicken in my opinion.

Lauren Flanagan says:

it annoys me how non vegetarians eat it,save some for us who actually need it 😂

Steev 7 says:

People who don’t like alternatives to meat are the main ones eating processed food anyway and when he said it doesn’t look appetizing I’m like well duh it isn’t cooked and if you find raw meat to look good you’re weird as hell

Jay Jones says:

eating meat ain't wrong

MrFedaykin says:

Lol the people who called out quorn and accused it of being dangerous weren’t “meat eaters” it was gardenburger in the US, a rival meat substitute company. “Meat eaters” ie normal people don’t really give a shit. The majority of people who eat quorn are “meat eaters”, probably a good thing as vegetable genocidalists like yourself are a tiny proportion of the market.

Lovely Warrior says:

Thanks for sharing I love this video and your points of view!!

Dave Bliss says:

Horrible loudmouthed little fuckwit called Cameron. Get a life….. Another tosser with no brains.

lorraine merry says:

Too much waffling

Mort says:

Stop trying to be PewDiePie, it's super cringey,i can't watch this…

Lisette Callis says:

I dont know why but two relatives wont touch Quorn coz they got sick, plus one friend…I wonder if it's coincidence. that guy is a bigger ted… great advertiser for vegetarianism this John.. I always notice angry veg haters cite illness, but look really sick and crusty/ fat. Arezing..well meat has to be refrigerated too.. not to mention all the energy of growing crops for the poor farting animals.. plus all the water..

Paul Stanley says:

Did you say "How can it be dangerous … it's not even genetically modified?" … sorry I couldn't watch any further. Such rank ignorance cannot be forgiven. Just stop making videos on subjects you know NOTHING about.

Mick Stupp says:

Cameron. That's an alternative word for "Obnoxious, arrogant, conceited twat!" You didn't need to keep your ugly mug, on top of the video, or keep talking over it. You're a legend in your own lunchtime…

Wolfy Nutbutter says:

Cheaper? I don't think so

Selene Spinello says:

I think the energy you spent for a cow or pig is way more than a fridge.

kyzerchief says:

And may I add… Just because we eat meat… does not mean thats why sone people are overweight. I've seen plenty of overweight and unfit veggies and vegans

kyzerchief says:

I'll be sticking to meat. And no-one will EVER change that

giblet1618 says:

Quorn chicken nuggets are the best !

Simon blueberry says:

This video would be good without the running commentary

Ambrose sLyRisH says:


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