The Grand Tour: Spaghetti McBolognese

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While in Scotland, Richard Hammond helps to plan Jeremy Clarkson’s birthday party with James May. Hammond in charge of the food decides to make one of Scotland’s finest delicacies, Spaghetti McBolognese. You too can make your own by following along with this recipe.

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Janinelobis says:

“Does it fryyyy!” -Dazza 😂😂😂

VeryPidgeon says:

*Binging with babish has entered the chat*

Morris Swann says:

they actually look really nice

Virus says:

As an italian guy i feel deeply offender by this clip

CaputMundi says:

That's not a scottish twist, that's a full scottish 180 while drunk and crashing into a flaming tree

Vwall007ST says:

For real, I would try that

Tommie Heaslip says:

Instead of rabbit food as garnish he uses crisps

Gustavo G says:

That looks pretty american

Owen Bailey-Waltz says:

As a fan of spaghetti bolognese, this is hard to watch, but still awesome.

Máté Takács says:

After the fire accident on the train i was hoping something


Hoosier Hell says:

Christ alive!

Rodolfo Perez says:

My favorite, Brown food

Owen Connell says:

Richard cooking whole bag of pasta, or what will soon become 90kg of cooked pasta

Rabid Raccoon says:

Id eat that…wouldn't be proud but


That's almost as bad as pineapple pizza

Bruno Vicente says:

Binging with Babish needs to do this

Sta Ciolla says:

Questo video fa vomitare.

Common Avionics says:

He is gonna pull a Falklands again.

CMDR says:

As a Scottish person I can’t tell you how offended this has made me

spokes says:

Ah yes McDonald's well known for its deep fried food.

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