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We love simple easy delicious pasta, and we love that there are so many versions you can have! This is such an easy and wholesome dish. The sauce is rich and you can add any veg you like, we just used basil just to show the simplicity but we’d love to know what you’d add to yours!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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The Happy Pear says:

We didn't add many veg to this just to keep it simple. What veg will you add to make this recipe your own? 😄😄

Dragan Olariu says:

Why do I get Bogdanoff vibes?

Ashley Carlothy says:

Why do u use the spoon to taste, then dip the same spoon back inside the food and take another taste? Is it hygienic to use your spoon to try and cook at the same time?

Neha Wadhwani says:

I’ve tried your recipe 2 times already. 1st time 12 days ago and 2nd time I made it today for dinner. 1st time I made few mistakes: added peanuts instead of cashew nut because I had only peanuts that time at home, added coconut milk and that too without measurement. It turned out sweet because of that, did not add Basil. first time it turned out quiet very okay. 2nd time I added exactly the ingredients there are in the video and exactly that much in amount. It turned out really tasty. Thank you so much for the recipe. ❤️ I added a pinch of black pepper at the top, and it really added a good flavour in the noodles.

11:11 Pm says:

He grabs the pasta like nothing Hahahha he's like me, It taste better like that lol

S H says:

In love with is pasta 🍝

Jakub M says:

oh cmon, steven IS thiccc!!

Maulid Hassani says:

I can smell the delicious aroma just by watching it ❤💗❤

L LP says:

Looks tasty

Laura Guerro says:

You can be an omnivore and enjoy it as a side!

Sarah Schumacher says:

the fact that he said to be a lil bit more healthy use glutenfree, direct dislike, some healthy fanatics know nothing

Lincoln Dodd says:

Nice one. 🙂

Kat Tyke says:

I don't understand some of the comments here and arguments. People should eat what they want, their responsibility and it is nobody's business. Let's be respectful. I eat meat but want to lose some weight, reduce meat intake and introduce more plant-based dishes into my diet. These brothers are great, I like their ideas, I watch the channel and have just bought their first book. The pasta looks great so wanna try it next week. Can't wait. Thank you for nice, simple, affordable and most importantly, healthy dishes x x

alexmaster99100 says:

i didnt have cashews so i used other nuts……bad idea i think


More importantly.. NO SUGAR! Thank you


What??? It looks delicious 🥰

Dannie Godfrey says:

How have I only just found these two? Fantastic❤🌱👏🏻

iluvpie20101 says:

This man loves catching everything in his hand he got burnt letting that hot ass pasta fall in his palm smh

Ezekiel Amaterasu says:

looks delish but not good on a low carb diet

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