Gordon Ramsay Struggles To Make Dim-Sum| The F Word

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Gordon finds out how hard Chinese food can be to cook.


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Austin Schlamp says:

Time 35.38 the guy in the background 😂😂😂

Richard Frost says:

If she's a hairdresser why does their hair look so fucking awful? It's also nice that Gordon's giving grandma a job. Janet Street Porter, jesus christ. Older than the hills and her accent…

strain121 says:

I'm still waiting for other culture chef to throw Gordon's plate on the floor.

marcin PoLsI says:

this guys are so small? WTF ? so you Gordon describe this people by they height? gross

Panda Pantz says:

I hate to be rude, these ladies are all very pretty and great personalities, but it's like they decided to replace a hygienic hair net for a bunch of worn out wigs! Very strange, especially since one if them is a hair stylist, I just am so confused why their hair all looks so bad??? Is this show old, were weaves and wigs just different looking back then, or what is going on??? lol!

bersatech says:

Who is the hairdresser? Or did he say they need a hairdresser?

L. D. Landau says:

The food from all the world is child's play compared to Chinese food.

Kathy Childress says:

The nerve of a sub telling Ramsay to chill

Speical Keek says:

the red haired bint is annoying

Azar Draws says:

dreadful wigs

final boss says:

I think the dad looked more like a gangster in his hey day thats why micha is such a nasty, tough woman. Isnt everyone SICK of this SYCOPHANTIC handling of members of the black community? No one wants to offend the Bame community but they have free licensce to do so to other communities, I as a spanish continually hear racism against me from blacks.

JACK says:

ANd more fake hair than a chinese sweat shop ….

atrip to7 says:

There should be a sign that says "Outside food and Inside Howery not allowed". I hope that's that name of the dush who walked in with a bag of chips coz that's what I heard.

JoeMartinMusic says:

Jo Brand is an icon, absolutely hilarious!

•allstopblue • says:

Holy shit the white lady with the red hair is quite hilarious! Haha

Taylor Owens says:

Notice when Gordon finds out he can't speak any English at all Gordon didn't say "go back to your country"

D L says:

Skip to 22:04 for PAN DOWN!

Heather Zoya Ahmed says:

He actually went on to do the dumplings as a challenge in Hell’s Kitchen

fhbrhsvbtr says:

My Lord the "Smoothie Protester" is sooooooooooo annoying…

Frenchy says:

She says fat ass like it's a bad thing.

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