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Bringing you the recipe for what I consider the most delicious vegan meatloaf in the world, no kidding! Hope you add this to your Thanksgiving dinner table. Stay blessed.

Check out the full recipe with measurements and instructions here:

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My kitchen essentials

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Cookware Set –
Ramekin –
Stainless Steel Lunch Container –
Garden Veggie Cubes –
Vegan Worcestershire –

P.S. I’m not vegan. I just happen to love plant-based food. All eaters are welcome!


ruth owens says:

Thanks for this recipe. I'm going to try it on the steadfast meat eaters in my family.

Sharon Goffe says:

Your video was very well done. Clear and concise. I made this Vegan Meatloaf and it was delicious. Thanks.

yashawn Gray says:

That's bad to the anti-bone!

Seamus says:

WOW, excellent! Liked and subbed!

Lady Fae says:

Looks delicious, I can't wait to try it

poochy face says:

That looks great

Shahid Naqshbandi says:

Looks so good. Can't wait to try it

Eva Pereira says:

looks yummy

Peter Albanese says:

Is the Quinoa cooked or raw when you mix it in ?

Mama Bear SWAG says:

Thank you. I will make this (this weekend). QUESTION::: I am not a fan of mushrooms. Can I still follow your step-by-step instructions and ingredients here but not use the mushrooms and it will still come out the same? If not, what other alternative I can use in replace of the mushrooms?

Mark wright says:

I see the list of kitchen equipment etc. but not the recipe

Surati Ivey says:

I've been on a mission to find a really good Vegan Loaf, your's – by far, won first prize. I also made a lentil based loaf that was good, but not good enough to make it again.

Surati Ivey says:

Wanted to mention, I used The Wizards Organic Worstershire, It is much smoother than Lee & Perrins. If I had used 3 Tbs of Lee and Perrins it would have overwhelmed the Loaf. I suppose Annies is good as well.

Surati Ivey says:

I made it yesterday, exactly like you said. We all liked it very much ! We like the texture, the taste, the way it slices well, pretty much everything . Your oven temp was spot on too. Thank You ! I think it could also be served as a Pate. Perhaps it would pair well with a chutney. Now I've just sent your video to a friend who wants to make it for Christmas – what do you think would be complimentary sides or sauces to have with it ?

Joaquin Pujols says:

I will cook this someday in my life. I got lost in the bowl 🤔

William Shivers says:

Does the nuts get soft when you cook them because I can’t imagine nutty crunchy meat loaf

Surati Ivey says:

Can this be frozen , after cooking ? The heated up and still work ?

Surati Ivey says:

This looks great – and I want to make it. But where do I go to get the exact measurements ?


amazing!!! Can I freeze this?

Heidy Hernandez-Heins says:

Hello. I am excited to try your vegan meatloaf. There are a few ingredients that I need to substitute because I have to follow a low acid diet.
For the Worcestershire sauce, can I use coconut aminos instead? For the liquid smoke, can I use smoked paprika instead? And, do you have any suggestions for a different glaze or can it be served without the glaze? I need to avoid barbecue sauce. Thank you in advance!

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