Meaty Back-to-School & Kid Friendly VEGAN Recipes

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Kid friendly vegan recipes linked below…

Sponsored by Gardein.

Click here for the recipes + tips for transitioning your family to a vegan lifestyle:

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angel says:

Are these. Recipes in your cook book ? They look so good !!!

I don’t have any kids but I am in college and just transitioned from pescatarian to vegan and I love it 💖 btw.

Laveda Johnson says:

The fish I have to try😄

Rich and Francesca Arriola says:

What kind of vegan cheese did you use ?

cutebunny1988 says:

Thanks for making this. I have two babies 5 and 2. Snd I'm working on. Changing us to vegetarians to vegans.

Hannah Smart says:

Oh my GOSH looks SO GOOD and now I want to get gardine!! 🐷🐄

Carla Tolentino says:

My kids take sushi to school and I will try this one!

Enn Vee says:

Your skin 😍

Justme JessC ASMR says:

I’m not even vegan but I’m obsessed with your videos I can never just watch one 😊

rachelleeex33 says:

I really wish Gardein would make their products more celiac-friendly! The only product of theirs I have found I can eat is their meatless meat crumbles.

Andreza Owens says:

Everything look so good Jenné!

Jordan T-L says:

What is the Slow Hands remix at 5:00?!

Harriett Anderson says:

Oooo that looks sooo good! This is one of my fav vegan Channels and I’ve always wanted to try them! Thanks so much for helping me make up my mind.

joe black says:

Damn , I know I subscribed but nothing ever comes up…….. I'm happy I found this channel again.

Moon Energy says:

i want to make all of this

Chana Harris says:

just what i needed!!

Katy Arnold says:

I am going to make that meatless lasagna. I don't like sushi I am not making that. I will be making the meatless chicken qasadilla also.

Smallcow LoL says:

Your arms are so tooooooooooned. How did you get them that way? P.S DAT glow <3

Michelle Kimble says:

I love all the recipes

whodoesntlovefood says:

amazing! i love gardein products – thank you so much for these easy recipe ideas

shadow-enigma says:

Oooooo all these recipes looked absolutely delicious

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