Nicole Kidman Is Blown Away By Stephen Fry’s Intelligence | The Graham Norton Show

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Just scratching the surface, Nicole.

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adella soemantri says:

He just made Greek Mythology the most captivating story ever. Nowhere near to how it used to be back in 1998 (bless ms hebditch trying to make it interesting)

shike67 says:

The most broken nose of all broken noses 🙂

Esteban Quito says:

Wtf You expect??? He is Sherlock older brother bro

Ha ha Ha says:

What a bloke

UK Horror story says:

Yea, but she's Australian, she would be blown away by a Parrots intelligence..

Sebas Montes says:

A good chat in a pub with a pint with this man, let that sink in

ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

The woman of the house tending the hearth was considered the cornerstone of all civilization, and Hestia, the most important god, she who must be honored first before all others.
It is surely no coincidence this ritual is preserved in the beginning of the Sabbath, the woman of the house bringing the fire to the table.

Dewi Hughes says:

Mr Fry whats a lovely intelligent and great man you are….I also forgot to mention funny, I used to love you in Blackadder 😉

Paul Gregory says:

He talks about 'where creation myths came from'… then focuses on Greek myths! Actually, unless he believes "Nothing created something and it evolved into everything" (which is the essence of atheistic evolution philosophy)… there must be a Creator! Only a fool truly believes "nothing can create anything"… let alone the incredibly complex designs of the human brain, cardiovascular system, Central nervous system, etc, not to mention the amazing balance and design of nature. Stephen Fry is evidently an intelligent fool…

Just Your Average Nerd says:

I find it interesting how everybody will paint someone like Stephen as "smart" based on his knowledge of the more academic subjects. I work in a primary school and I spend every day telling the students that just because they aren't experts in English, Maths, Science and History etc, doesn't mean they aren't smart. They'll know far more about their chosen subject, whether it's films, TV shows, or beauty products, than many other people and just because it isn't considered "academic" or "empirical" doesn't make them any less intelligent. I think it's an important lesson for all children to learn.

Mad Martian says:

Nicole hasn't looked at a gay man like that since she was married to Tom Cruise.

Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon says:

It's funny, because modern religions are no different to the myths that he is describing. Nonsense created by people to explain things they know nothing about to those around them, especially gullible children.

jorma vesa says:

.. he did make a mistake though; we do still sit around a fire and tell stories… the circles are the same size as back when, but the reach is way smaller in whole even though every story told has a potential to reach millions in this era…

Loura Delaney says:

Not like he’d be blown away by hers, is it? 😁

MeSoyCapitan says:

He says we've lost the hearth, but he's sitting with a group of people telling and listening to stories.

Redpillx89 says:

The way Nicole was so humble in saying it’s not her movie but Jason Mamoas is admirable

Tobiloba Adaramati says:

I loved him in the series Bones

Steven Moore says:

If everyone's praising how smart Stephen Fry is, why aren't they commenting on what he's actually saying?

Nissim Levy says:

Too bad Stephen Frye is not five feet tall. If he were, she'd be attracted to him

Johanna Florez says:

Graham Norton's stage IS the hearth.

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