Vegan Tacos, Noodles, Chickpea Salad + More // THUG KITCHEN Cookbook Review

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In this video I test 5 recipes from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook: smoked almond and chickpea salad; lentil tacos with jicama slaw; chilled citrus soba noodle salad; baked plantain chips; and Italian wedding soup with white bean balls. I taste test those recipes and share my honest review — is the book worth the money?


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Sarah's Vegan says:

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this cookbook review. 🙂 Do you own this cookbook? What are your thoughts? Or what are your favorite vegan cookbooks?

sneha sankhla says:

Rewatching all your videos in lockdown!! Your voice keeps me sane. I hope you are having good 🌟 days. @sarah's Vegan

Easton Alessandra says:

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Troy Griffin says:

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Jamie Todd says:

Don’t talk with food in your mouth , disgusting

Lacy Perez says:

For a crunchy fresh slaw for tacos thinly slice cabbage, dice fresh Roma tomatoes, cucumber, squeeze fresh lime juice with black pepper & garlic salt really good

Karen Salazar says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. One thing I would like for you to know is that the plantains you used were very, very un ripped lol they are ready when they have black areas. Firm but yellow/black. Some people even prefer them all black and a bit squishy. The more black areas, the sweater and tender it is

raven fernandez says:

You have to let plantains ripen so when you buy them they going be green let them set out until they turn brown the darker you let them get the softer and sweeter they’ll become

Lisa Crawford says:

I love the video.. But woundering if she knows it's called RECIPE which means can make it your own lol.. But love her honest review..

Gabriela Bianchi says:

Please keep doing these.

Anna K says:

Thank you for your review. Personally I wasn't going to get it because I'm a Mom of a 4 year old who loves to help out in the kitchen and she's learning to read. I'd rather not have her pick up on all of the swearing and think it's cool and then start using those words. Could you imagine what her grandparents would say? Or random people?

Anyway, about your format; I like both ways.

Adalberto Dominguez says:

Hi I just wanted to share when you cook plantains the plantain needs to look black and it looks like its garbage lol but it's TRUE. That's when they are the sweetest.

Kawaii Zee says:

I love watching you cook and talk more than the voice overs! Love you vids regardless tho💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

Tammy Glaim says:

I love you talking during the videos!

Mimi Ashford says:

It needed a crushed garlic clove! (Or 5!) 🙂 And yes!! Please always at least 'voice over' your cooking vids bc your explanations are so descriptive & helpful. AND… have you reviewed Mississippi Vegan or Bosh yet? What do you think of those guys?

J D says:

The good Lord has to bless me with a woman that can cook healthy 😃
Your videos are really good

kristatheresa says:

Both! I like it when you mix it up

Maria says:

Hi, Sarah,I know the point was to follow this recipe, but here's a tip for cooking green plantains… (and you may already know this )they are best cooked by frying. I know it will raise the fat content. Fry them on high till slightly golden, flatten them into a disc, then fry again to rich golden color. salt while they are "vulnerable" lol.

Brianne Hill says:

I've never made green plantains before. But I've been cooking.almoat black plantains for years. My kids love them. We slice thin and get in a tiny bit of coconut oil. We then top them with mango.

Mike's Adventures says:

Awesome cookbook! Amazon has it for almost 50% off now. Here's a link for anyone interested

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