Smooth PB & J Sandwich 🥪- peanut butter and jelly jelly recipe

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I saw an image of a #smoothpbj and I knew I had to attempt a version so I could see it in the flesh. #peanutbutterandjelly #emmymade

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just making making a smooth PB&J.

My recipe was adapted from Pailin’s Coconut Jelly


1 C. water
1 C. whole milk
splash of heavy cream
6 T. sugar
1 1/2 t. agar agar powder
pinch of salt

1 C. water
3/4 t. agar agar
4 T. grape jelly
2 T. sugar

1 C. water
3/4 t. agar agar
3 T. sugar
pinch of salt
splash of heavy cream

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Adrian Neagoe says:

“Thats what normal people do…normal people”

XgoblinxcoreX says:

When u first start bloxburg in mobile and it doesn’t put ur textures on to begin with:

james says:

guys she called me a beautiful lovely

the profisionel Pc says:


Kassidy Chanthavong says:

when you have a pb and j mod in minecraft but you don’t have a texture pack

yash budwal says:

Why is this video so soothing, I’m bare relaxed watching this

Isaiah Spratley says:

Looks like a weird cheesecake ngl

bruh destroyer says:

peanut jelly and jelly jelly

x0TehAlmxndMxlk0x says:

I’m sorry but I hate this.

Saminzo Discord says:

Looks like soap 😃

Duck Queen OwO says:

Those look like the LEGO peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you get them in LEGO kits

Taterman 02 says:

When you don’t like the crust…

Or the bread

Damianv29 Is Trapped says:

Ain't This Just A Squashed PB&J?

Shoto Todoroki says:

I’m gonna flag this for sexual content so YouTube has to see this weird yet INTERESTING stuff

Isomer Mashups says:

This is so cursed.

Bunnie Sanchez says:

Im disgusted and uncomfortable.

HarukiDevil says:

Before games knew how to do textures:

Gabe Gardner says:

If your a mom, you don't even need to watch this it just comes n the package with being a mom.
EDIT: Found out it was fake, a mom could still do it tho

organized ! says:

My therapist: smooth PB&J isn't real it can't hurt you

Smooth PB&J:

Haley Adams says:

Looks like the pb and j sand which in the sims 4😂

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