Madeline Miller on making the Classics feminist, modern America and writing Circe

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Madeline Miller is the best-selling author of Circe and Song of Achilles. Her books reimagine the ancient myths of The Iliad and The Odyssey, bringing previously neglected characters to the fore.

She talks to Krishnan about what drove her to write them, how she’s tried to make the Classics a feminist space, and her despair at modern America.



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Wilfred Dale says:

I enjoyed circe more than the song of achilles but I think the song of Achilles was better written.

TADupuis says:

It's so refreshing to hear a like mind articulate the issues in America, the disparities(and the consequences), insecurities, empathy and lack of, media and the social issues, the hope to overcome problems by exposing them and taking actions to correct them. Not only is there beautiful work in both books, but the "mythological realism" in the stories is needed and greatly appreciated. the complexity of the retellings, and the way Circe resonates with women is made richer for me by hearing someone else state these exact issues, (I've felt preachy and alone on) and the complexities of subjects that I take to heart in my academic writing and research. The level of inaction and ignorance that stems from fear and a lack of empathy for the struggles of others, has been a major problem for progress In the U.S. Miller is Such an upstanding woman!

schnuff says:

wow she s a radical.

Jackson Heights says:

Novels are to be enjoyed like food, wine and TV. Yeah, if they change and educate you, sure.

Jane Smit says:

Great interview. I wanted to listen to it before I read her book.

Craig Lore says:

Madeline Miller is the real thing. She is intelligent and articulate. She knows her classics, and she's aware of the current state of the world we live in here in America. She is engaged and engaging, striving to increase empathy through stories and make the world a better place. Circe is a masterpiece of storytelling and lyricism. We need more people like Madeline Miller.

Erdenetuya Bat-Erdene says:

I love "Circe"

Selin Badem says:

I loved her and it made me feel very good to read these old stories from a women charecter’s perspective. I think Madeline Miller will be my favorite writer after Ursula Le Guin

Richard Levy says:

I adore her work and she was wonderful to meet.

Her language is perfect and approach so needed.

Myron Chase says:

Madeline's "Circe" is so moving and absorbing that I, a Michel Houellebecq/Bret Easton Ellis-reading gen-x edgelord, would happily make of myself a sexually available groupie if I met her.

Navid Haider says:

Would LOVE to read something Madeline writes for DC Comics' Wonder Woman books, and after that, The Sandman.

Jackson Heights says:

I have read CIRCE. First of all, this woman in writing has PHENOMENAL TALENT! She is first of all an absolutely spellbinding writer. I did not find CIRCE to be feminist in any way shape of form. It was an incredible tale with a woman who myself as a man can love and relate to and want to be. The book is worth it 10 out of 10. She folds you into this universe and never lets you go.

elenaluzz says:

I’ve just read both books and loved them. She is so on point in so many ways.
Thank you, Madeline Miller, for bringing back the classics to the mainstream.

Adriana C says:

Interesting interview ♥️!!

Akram T says:

Haha feminism the man hating group and the fake equality

Akram T says:

katy perry did it again for the 3 time but I know with metoo double standards and female privilege nothing well happened to her

mfriedrich2012 says:

Here’s an idea.
If women are so fantastic, magnificent, intelligent, strong and independent, then why don’t they create and write their own original stories themselves?

This just makes women look lazy, in addition to what we all already know about them being spoiled, insolent, chronically whining children.

It’s ok though.
We know you can’t do it yourselves.

Sara Manning says:

Have any of you actually read her books or are you just deciding to be pissed for no good reason?

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