How to Cook: Italian Leek Soup

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Airdate (10/05/2019) #4614
In Stillwater, OK, Barbara Brown prepares us an Italian Leek Soup inspired by the trip to Italy Oklahoma Gardening took.

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Pizza 4Breakfast says:

Definitely love this. All the other leek soup recipes are potato and leeks blended

Pathy Al says:

Nice channel, looking forward to seeing more uploads. You should use SMZeus to help rank your videos!

RykersFist says:

Are use the dark green part when I make potato leek soup. I sauté the green for about 20 minutes with olive oil. Then I add the white sautéing for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then I had potatoes , water and all the seasonings . cook until the potatoes are tender and blend it up and add Half a cup of heavy whipping cream

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