Plot To Plate – Potato Reveal to Frittata

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This video was never supposed to happen. I was just going to tip out some more “rubbish” spuds!
But when I saw them i had to use them so this vid was two hours in the making from reveal to eating!


TrollForge / TrollFarm says:

That frittata did look good!

What We Do says:

Those were beautiful clean potatoes! The frittata looks yummy, I love Double Gloucester cheese!


Arkansas Woodcutter says:

Great egg tip

Arkansas Woodcutter says:

Love seeing you outside cooking brother. Great upload

Prairie Plantgirl says:

A beautiful harvest and a lovely meal to go with it.

Erica's Little Welsh Garden says:

Totally binge watching potato reveals right now…

In the garden with Papa - Harold says:

Good looking first early spuds. Thanks for the recipe mate
Take care Steve

Bethan's Kitchen & Garden says:

I really love frittata's Steve, I'm not as brave as you, I put the pan under the grill to do the top bit. I don't eat them much as in recent years eggs give me really bad indigestion but occasionally I will have one in the evening and if my tummy get's sore I just go to bed 😊. I really want a frittata now! Lovely fresh ingredients there, yum yum πŸ˜‹. Take care πŸ˜€

Kelly's Kitchen Garden says:

Loving the alfresco cooking Steve! It’s been roasting here too. That looks absolutely divine! ☺️🌱

Corvinsaini A. says:

Very decent meal! Cheer's!

William Coleman's Garden and Allotment says:

Methinks Digwell has been bored and decided to go play with every graphics designer he can get his hands on. πŸ™‚ Nice one Steve, great use of the 'rubbish' spuds 🍺

TiαΊΏn Vlog says:

Like 36…thanks for sharing πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ›ŽπŸ›ŽπŸ πŸ πŸ πŸ‘πŸ‘

Bill & Val's Allotment's says:

Hi Steve did like seeing the two different potateo reveals very nice and not grown them , must admit I like your way with cooking potateos with rosemary something we do on the plot for a meal but without spinage as Val allergic to it , nice graphic software you useing here if you don't mind what is it. Stay safe Bill and Val

Valeria Szekula says:

I love the intro, have I said that already? It's a bit of art going on there. I love frittata's even before I knew it was called like that. My dad would make it often when money was very tight and he would take left overs to make it and it was always lovely and nice. I have to warn you though about the curry plant. Do not eat that, you can use it for stewing and then remove the twigs/leaves it will upset your stomage. Don't confuse it with curry leaves, the curry plant is different and I recognized your plant as I have one in my allotment as well. You used just a tiny bit of it but still be careful. I rechecked it on google if I am right and I am. Great tip about the eggs, I always crack the egg(s) in a diferent container than it will end up in. Also a test is to put the egg in deep water if it floats to the top it's off and don't use it. I also keep my eggs out of the fridge unless it's cooked, then I'll peel it and keep it in fresh water so it will last a bit longer. Have an amazing day Steve and hope it's not too hot, over here it's going to be very hot so I'll be at my allotment as soon as possible to water my plants and hurry back home to the fan πŸ˜‰ Greets, xo Vleer.

Southpaw Davey urban farm. says:

Nice spuds mate. Your right quality not quantity. Maybe the scab on the others was just that pot got stressed more for some reason. The frittata looked good much like a Spanish omelette. I put my eggs in water to test fro fresh. If they sink and lay flat they are fresh if they stand up they are ok but should be used and if they float they are bad. Have to test as sometimes the Quail will bury an egg and you dont see it. Then uncover it a week or so later… So we test all before we use.

MuddyBootz says:

HI Steve, those potatoes were perfect for earlies. Got scab on my first crop. Lovely food again as always πŸ‘ All the best mate
🌻 Nigel …….MuddyBootz Allotment 🌻

Paul Beech says:

Growing the same courgettes but suffering from mosaic virus.
2 years on trot

Michelle Larkin says:

Definitely going to give it a go, had many omelettes but never a frittata, thankyou.

Idaho Garden Girl says:

Thank you for the video!
Frittata looks delicious?

My Garden and the Dinosaurs Who Live There says:

Gorgeous. 😁

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