Binging with Babish: Bone Broth from The Mandalorian

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“You want some soup?” Pedro Pascal can growl almost anything from underneath his beskar helmet and still make it sound pretty badass. One thing’s for sure – you can bring bone broth in warm, or you can bring it in cold. Well, I suppose you could bring it in cold, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


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Binging with Babish says:

You want some soup?

Exclusive says:

I bought a pig feel and leg, and I cook it, but it smell bad, I think pig feel was dirty before, is it ok to drink that broth?

etuheu says:

this comes up when googling "The WoMandalorian"

Benjamin Okon-Uribe says:

Can you make chorizo?

TheTSense says:

Is this video sponsord by the SoulStorm Brewery?

Criceto says:

0:37 Major spoilers? Wow! I can’t believe I spoiled myself by reading that Baby Yoda sipped some soup! There’s no other way I would’ve found that out otherwise!

Marin Velenik says:

"It all started with that smile"
"That damned smile "

mr. potato says:

I made this

It was just soup stock

Kyle Robinson says:

0:33 it was Luke i am your Father seems the prophecy is coming true get ready people dark times r coming

Span Dex says:

"Bone broth" is just the hipster name for stock. It's stock. That's all. Stock.

Snoozin says:

Wait didn't Brooklyn 99 do this first?

Jared says:

People in my town unfortunately use the co2 dispenser as a whip Its inducer. Two kids of people and im not watching their YouTube videos

Ebot SP says:

In malaysia we have this type of Recipe too Its called "Sup Tulang" in english "Bone Soup", what kind of bone we use ? Mostly Cow Bones.

Sayak Gupta says:

2:52 lol

Javier I. Acuña says:

Never heard of demi glass before, sounds very interesting.

Cameron McPheters says:

Oh man I love your channel. My wife says you have a magical voice and that she could listen to you all day. So that's what we did yesterday. We rewatched your video's for just about 4 hours yesterday

Tobin says:

Feel like he is encouraging us to do those

Buggy Eyes says:

oh really babish? really? is the broth unctuous? we couldn’t tell

The Lord of Dolphins says:

so basically it's tonkotsu

Russell deJesus says:

Hello there. We need Rey's portion bread and the ronto wrap from Galaxy's Edge, please and thank you. Do it.

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