Mom's Best Cajun Potato Salad – Vegetarian

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The Chintzy Chef’s Mom is back and feisty as ever. Watch her make a delicious Potato Salad, Cajun-style. It’s easy to do a vegan version too. And visit my cooking blog:


Stranger Horse says:

I  really enjoyed this one ( I like them all). Thanks for sharing another great recipe but especially a glimpse into your family. Thanks : )  I think this would work with leftover mashed taters too….just add some Cajun style to them and add some heat or like your mom said, even good when cold. She's a treasure for sure.

Lisa E says:

I love it, but especially the end. Your mom is a pip. ❤️

MistyAir says:

Looks good, I'll try it with vegan mayonnaise 🙂

Mae M says:

" Thanks for sharing your recipe video with your viewers. Greetings from New Iberia, Louisiana !

Sphynx tails says:

What an adorable family ask her is she can be my mother as well I sure can use one!

Raymond Alfaro says:

Automatically like the video before I watch it..

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