13 Classic Dim Sum Dishes You Need To Try

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Here are some must try Dim Sum dishes!

Thanks to Jing Fong Restaurant

Cici’s Channel

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Tatyana W-P says:

Please write what the foods are in the description so we can match the food we see to the name!!

A Ching says:

You’ve come so far 🙂

Allen D says:

You Dim Sum , you lose some!

Tom King says:

I have no idea how to check, but is this stuff loaded with carbs or carb free? I can't tell what's inside of the food or how its even made.

Grace Greening says:

you NEED to go to Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae, CA. you will thank me later. best dim sum i've ever had

Thomas Wills says:

Hahaha…don't like to eat chicken feet because chickens are always stepping on their poop but will eat tripe where poop comes from. I love tripe too though. Tripe is a must when you are eating dim sum. Sometimes I order 2 plates of tripe for myself.

J Thamm says:

Mikey seems very thirsty in this video. Sip some water Mikey! 😂

Kloe Luna says:

Why did he use the chop sticks he put in his mouth to give them food that’s gross

genxer711 says:

Mike Cantonese dim sum doesn’t need hot oil

chriscj says:


Akiva Goldberg says:

These guys have slaughtered Dim Sum. They might as well have called it dian xin.

good quality shorts ytXD says:

This is making me so hungry I should write the name of these so I know how to make it😊😊😊

davitcont says:

Now I am at the point where I DONT like narrative videos, or people talking, i just need to see the cooking, or the dishes.

Rachel Platek says:

I love all that dim sum!! Miss NY dim sum

E Schmidt says:

Upper West Side or Chinatown?

mikoyanfulcrum1 says:

That was fun!!!!!

Shannon Robinson says:

We have one small place like this in my city. Now I want to go there. Sooo hungry now.

Quinn Woodsworth says:

Noted don’t call girls pandas 🐼 ok mike what’s next

C B says:

I do love Mike, I follow all of the Strictly Dumpling videos but when you eat EVERYTHING with hot sauce, you virtually kill your pallet. Pretty much feels like you cant taste anything unless theres a pain level of spice with it to inform your brain theres flavor because this is literally the only flavor you know anymore
You wreck the food people put so much time into

Bryan Harrell says:

Mikey Chen is just the best, and I love the way he makes Chinese food easily understandable to those of us who are not Chinese.

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