NYC FOOD GUIDE Best Local Places to Eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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NYC FOOD GUIDE Best Local Places to Eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner from the classic bagels to brunch pancakes or a Chinese food rice roll or burger or veggie burger to the best pizza to mac and cheese and of course creative and classic ice cream spots!

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Jennifer O'Brien says:

Which was your favorite? Or which restaurants did I miss that I need to add in a future video? Comment below! Thanks!

Shadan says:

U look little bit like Janice from friends

Maine Travel Channel says:

Thank you you rock! If you come to Maine hit me up I'll show you some hidden gems.

Stace D says:

No joke, watching you take giant bites of that breakfast sandwich was so comforting. You seem so real, not like those "do it for the gram" influencers 💜💜

Lin Vloger says:

I love NYC Local Food❤

X̷x̷ S̷l̷a̷s̷h̷e̷d̷L̷a̷s̷t̷N̷i̷g̷h̷t̷ x̷X̷ says:

Best places to go for deserts: Do (edible cookie dough) Cupcake Market (cupcakes, cakes, cookies etc…) , Eataly (Nutella. On. Everything.) and Those roasted peanut carts 😉

Stephanie Flor says:

Everything on here is soo delicious.

B_To_The_B says:

These places look douchey

MomoMonnar1996 says:

List prices of dishes

Missy D. says:

All that food looks good.

Jamie Lee Harrison says:

I can OFFICIALLY say I’m going in a few weeks!! I have been counting down for so long now! Thank you for these tips! It will be my first time, and my boyfriend and I strictly want to eat local. We live in a tourist town, so we know how important it is to support local business 💕


oh wow yummy 😃 I love cake

EPICX says:

But who wants to spend $20 on a snack

N1portequoi1 says:

Some people can eat whatever they want and still look healthy. Yes I'm hating

Bently Bootz says:

tipsy scoop can I bring my kids with me lol no they wont get any alcohol ice cream lml

Ralf Hansen says:

Hi Jennifer , happy new year !!
I get hungry when i see your video. It looks very delicious…
May be we will see us in May … 😉

Jason Davis says:

My favorite place to eat is at your moms house

Isaac Hamilton says:

Will be there next week. I have a channel too and I will be recording my experience. Gotta try out some of those places.

Naveed Mustafa says:

Now I'm hungry.

Silvio Cornélio says:

Amo seus vídeos!!! Venha conhecer o Brasil e o Rio de Janeiro, será uma honra!!! Que Deus te abençoe

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