5 Things to do With…. Beef | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve painstakingly trawled the back catalogue to find you five amazing recipes for beef that you may have missed back in the day. You’re welcome!

If there’s an ingredient or theme you’d like to see featured then drop a comment below.

Links from the video:
Sticky Beef Ribs | http://jamieol.com/stickybeefribs
Argentinian Beef Stew | http://jamieol.com/argentinebeefstew
Oriental Beef Salad | http://jamieol.com/beefsalad
New York Style Meatballs | http://jamieol.com/newyorkmeatballs
Beef in Oyster Sauce | http://jamieol.com/oystersaucebeef

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Eldan Ridley says:

Lol that ribeye is so raw

waldo pepper says:

clearly a cold day in argentina that day……

Tony Sangster says:

Please!! do another 5 things with beef…also Pork….also Lamb…..also chicken – thankyou !! :))

missy mason says:

100% amazing

Carl Dean says:

Jamie I need to know what was the spice you rolled over your Sirlion in the Sirlion Bok Chowie dish Please let me now it was in a small Jar

Nifemi says:

This came out really good 👌

Acheel says:

Almost felt that the girl is Gennaro's doughter

Anindya says:

Sooo no one gonna talk about how fine that Argentinian girl is?

Dr Ryoku says:

i like my beef raw yo know still breathing

Ben ZH says:

Dang jamie ur sister is si cute and beautiful 😂😂 i like how she use english to express herself Im loving it

PH Park says:

Always wonderful.

hyped feeds says:

don't forget u can also do diss tracks

Tatiana Hallam says:

For an easy beef dinner I grab my electric pressure cooker with some beef stew, carrots, potatoes, Worchester shire sauce, garlic, onion and peas. Add salt and pepper to taste, 13 minutes later I have dinner! It’s one of my favorites. I could eat it every day.

معرفه معرفه says:

fantastic recipes 😍

معرفه معرفه says:

fantastic resipes 😍

Arnav Biswas says:

All 5 recipes are pretty good. But none of them can beat the taste of a beef biriyani

Arda Ozbutun says:

The third is not slow cooked and the meat is raw

John Amidon says:

How about 5 things w/ ginger root? Thanks mate! 😉

DeXraK ‘ says:

I don’t even make any of them I just like watching them make it yuMMMmM

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