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I’m showing you how easy it is to make vegan crepes that are fluffy, delicious, and you can stuff ’em with whatever you want!

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I made a super easy vegan crepe batter with 5 ingredients and filled them with sauteéd mushrooms and asparagus and smothered them with the classic hot for food hollandaise sauce!

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Ria says:

I made these pancakes with spelt flour and an egg replacer, skipped the sugar which I used for a last sweet crepe. I also prefer savoury. These were the best crepes I ever made seconded by my guest. Thanks Lauren.

Stepf says:

I can't watch these videos at night! The hunger really hits!

Marcela Medina says:

How do you make that vegan cream? or Bechamel Thanks

Louise C. Gibson says:

In Europe this is just pancakes, the thick american pancakes is a rarity and many people don't like them, And to eat them properly, in Scandinavia with strawberry or raspberry jam and powdered sugar, french: lemon sugar or cinnamon sugar, nothing else, for the tourist banana and nutella option, hahah, super simple !! The savoury pancakes would be just cheese, nothing else <3 I havent tried to make pancakes thin since going vegan, i'll give this a try, thank you <3

Nemelycat says:

Would of like less of her eating them and more of showing how she made the sauce. Would of been nice to show about how many crepes comes out with the recipe she made.

Savanna says:

I died laughing when she was cutting the asparagus and just throwing the ends off to the side. 😂 Dang it, I love Lauren!

A F says:

Watching Lauren eat always makes me salivate. Is that weird? 😆

GothicaBeauty. says:

I’d love to see you make a vegan version of Creme De Marron

A Broke Plant Eater says:

This looks so damn legit! Can’t wait to give this a try! Perfect for brunch/lunch/breakfast/dinner….all of them lol

AD says:

made this today! really good!! couldn't make a good crepe until my very last one lol

Roz Purcell says:

These look amazing! 🤤

Chelsey Katherine says:

My husband and I have been obsessed with that hollandaise sauce ever since we tried it. Game changer! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

marzelupita says:

I always wonder what kind of butter does she use? anyone knows?

Megan Kaye says:

I know you’re doing the whole bumble thing right now and I’m happy for you and you should explore and all that…. but Josef Lincoln is made for you and we all know it.

ruby chaney says:

Who else wants Loren to be their mom??

Evolution of Masha says:

I am definitely #teamcrepe. Although, I love a good pancake…crepes win my heart!

Loving Plantbased says:

My husband and I we both liked crepes but we couldn’t have them anymore because they’re not vegan. Not very many places sells vegan crepes. I went to Toronto and had vegan crepes and they were alright and over price. When I see this, oh yeah….. I’m totally gonna recreate this and tell you about it soon! I even purchased the crepes pan on Amazon for $19

Tammy Glaim says:

Making this for dinner tonight! I can't wait! Well I can, I'm gonna have to lol but some.excited!

weehillywinky1 says:

THANK YOU! These are also like the English style pancakes we have in the UK on Shrove Tuesday. In our house we always had them rolled up with just lemon juice and sugar. I'll deffo be trying these Lauren. 🍃

Tammy Glaim says:

I'm curious, your cookbook is so amazing! How many app have you sold thus far!?

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