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This easy and delicious brunch recipe is packed with protein, nutrients and essential energy. Using the South American grain quinoa and layered with tomatoes, beans, chillies, avocados, herbs then topped with an egg it’s got everything you need to set you up and see you through the day.

For the first 2 weeks of January Food Tube,, Jamie Magazine and Jamie’s Instagram are giving you 10 Meals to Kick-Start a Healthier 2015 for free. Great tasting dishes which are good for you, easy to make and won’t break the bank. It’s not a diet, it’s not a meal plan, just a tool kit of recipes to use in your life whenever it suits you. All healthy recipes have been developed and tested by Jamie’s food team and approved by his qualified nutritionists.

This recipe:

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L.L. Morales says:

I like him I just skip all the oil he uses. It's excessive amount of unnecessary oil.

Giulia Soster says:

It's funny because Mexico is in North America, not South….

lucky sol says:


Neo Thale says:

Did you get tan so you could look Latina? And what's up with the music lmaooo

Love Montreal says:

My kind of chef — Jamie , love your work, thank you, love from Canada.

world citizen G says:

will make this, have all the ingredient seven before watching this!

Danny Westwood says:

Who is going to ponce around making that sort of food?

Римма GlVk says:

коричневые тараканы это изюм ? непонятно кто знает?

A R says:

I could eat that every day that looks perfect

Wings4Freedom LillyG says:

Yes quinoa is the best alternative !

Jose Lopez says:

From Peru, came here looking for some fresh recipes after watching David Goggins. Thank you Jamie, back to my roots… To think that in Peru when I was a child, only the poor will eat it. I grew up on it 😉

Tmk777 says:

He neglected to mention that quinoa tastes like dirt.

Kathleen Engler says:

EXACTLY what I was looking for to make on my Mexican vacation. I think I might make it for Thanksgiving. Can you repost how to make your basil sorbet so I can have it for dessert? I tried to make it from memory and it didn't turn out like it did before. Thanks.

cairn4095 says:

It's not a grain sunshine. It is a seed. I think you'd know that or maybe if not all your restaurants will close.

Vincenzo's Plate says:

Mmmm everyone have to try this

anila ragbir says:

Just made this and will repeatedly. It was awesome 😊.

coconutheadlice says:

Jamie you should do more videos on more unknown and underated ethnic foods

John Geddes says:

Lobster Thermidor!

Kandia Bcaddi says:

Definitely you are awesome Chef 😃

dishhatter says:

Awesome breakfast! Thanks! Hugs

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