How To – Best Bloody Mary

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Jamie Oliver shows you how to mix the spiciest, tastiest Bloody Mary on the planet.

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p M says:

جطعة نبيذ لو سمحت

Braylon Hughes says:

One splash of jalapeno vodka,he didn't put no freaking vodka in it,and I never seen BBQ sauce used either?🤔

David Macek says:

Jamie, kaj je prevec je prevec. Samo ti kruh fali magarac jen posrani

Jana Fabijanic says:

J. Oliver is cool in this video and ingredients are good ( besides bbq sauce which is too thick, use smoked salt, and use pepper too) but I would recommend mixing by your own taste until you find a perfect measurement.

Cesar Arroyo B says:

It does look like a solid morning drink. Thanks for the video.

Jeff Clark says:

Just get to it. BS vidio this is not the best bloody Mary

mcabrera724 says:

That's not a Bloody Mary every ingredient is substituted… sorry buddy you should name that drink after your phenomenal bartender! Heres a suggestion "Drunken soup"

Adam TheKid says:

Weak ass Bloody Mary! More like a club soda/bacon strip!

Addison Steiner says:

BACON ftmfw

Richard Bryant says:

Looks nice but no where near enough tobasco and I definitely wouldn't put BBQ sauce or bacon in it

serena hannah says:

the cameraman has the DT's

psammiad says:

Gherkins, bacon and barbecue sauce in a Bloody Mary? Bloody Wrong, that's what I call it. What a twat, no wonder his restaurants went down the toilet.

Marcelo Costa says:

I drank that thing in a restaurant, it is horrendous

Ginger Love says:

God I can do with one of these right now…

Jon McClane says:

I hate the English accent so much, and I still watched this video!

Nick Joslin says:

I don't understand how people don't like bloody marys.

Joe ENGLAND says:

there are now moonshine pickles that you can easily find, would go great in one of these bloody marys.

ateb3 says:

surreal feeling to the video

Jason Shepherd says:

I think you may be over handling it squirrelly Dan

Lisa Stewart says:

Omg..that looks amazing

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