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Jamie was lucky enough to meet this lovely lady Anjali Pathak, granddaughter of the man behind @pataksuk. They talked all things spices and made a delicious curry paste from scratch. A paste is all about locking in the flavour of the fresh spices that don’t last that long. Great as a marinade, for making curry or to toss through veggies, it’s so versatile and tastes amazing. Give it a go!

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Sharon Magan says:

Jamie are you still in quarantine?. We are a mess here in Fl. Once our governor started opening things most people took off masks went out large public gatherings. I always enjoy you. But now with my great grandson Micheal and his twin sisters Kendal and Chloe 3 1/2. I cook with them using your recipies. They want to write you a letter to tell you how much they love you. Where can I send? I have watched you since your first show with spiral staircase.

emigrate says:

Funny no Inidian males are ever on his show but he goes to steal his recipies from Indian men, on Brick Lane. On his SouthEnd Peir resteraunt, he has Black men, , well all but Indian or Asian men, while its thier food the B8stard steals!

S N says:

My friends and I loved taking cooking classes from Anjali in Mumbai…she definitely knows her stuff and we still make the dishes she taught us! Would love to see more collaborations with Jamie!

Shane Stevan says:

Love the humble begins Anjali came from. Two great people speading their passion for food, can't get enough. I need four stomachs just to keep up 🙂

Luke Ryba says:

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS the market with CURRY PASTE

Chanty Last name says:

I think Jamie should try the fish and chips recipe she suggested.

Nick says:

Is there a list of the ingredients and amounts?

Herm's Kitchen says:

Thank you I will defo try this today 🙂

Raaj Singh says:

Jus by garam masala from east end or natco pataks are made by coconuts….

Raaj Singh says:

Cardoman spice!!! Are u bludy joking!!! Cardoman is not a spice….u ediot.. bludy coconut….

Truth Reigns Forever says:

Alright Jamie, where is your “olive powered eco friendly bio diesel car”?

Claudio R says:

Can someone link or comment the recipe? Also what is ingredient at 57 seconds in the video? Black what?

Lee Knights says:

ok so once the paste is made and I've fried my peppers, onions, mushrooms and chicken breasts do i need to add chopped tomatoes with this paste or coconut milk or just use it as it is?

Kevin U.K. says:

Great video – But, I was very unimpressed that, hidden under show more, there was a short line saying that this was a paid advertisement. That information should be upfront if this channel wants to have integrity. As for Pathak inventing curry paste… more dishonesty.

Niks V says:

Whats the music at the beginning

Varoon says:

The Pathak family was literally kicked out by Idi Amin and was left stranded in London with 10 pounds. Now their business is worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Such success stories about expelled indians are not uncommon. A good joke on racist Ugandans.

emigrate says:

Yet again another Indian women, and a Indian curry, why does he not ever have an Indian male on? Yet when he wants an Indian curry he goes to Abdul and Raj at his local. Two faced bastard!

J M says:

There are different variations of garam masala depending which region in India it’s made. I personally like South Indian garam masalas, particularly Chettinad style garam masala. Super spicy but delicious!

emigrate says:

No Indian male again is shown? Yet when he want an outstanding recipie he steals it off the Indian male!

Timmy Corbitt says:

Pathak is repulsive, veeraswamy is the nuts

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