Amazing $1.50 MEALS | cheap vegan recipes

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ViaHerbs says:

The second recipe is good! πŸ˜‹

D Pulli says:

These recipes look wonderful and I can't wait to try them!

alicia nicole says:


Lisa Nester says:

Could you please include the type of oils you are using as well as all measurements for spices etc. Thank you!

Rose Ladd says:

I really like that Zucchini-lLentil burger, I added the barbecue sauce and made it vegan from a recipe I found on wiki how To Make Barbecue Sauce, the article has different ways. I made the Quick Classic. You have to Veganese it with your favorite brands. I think this recipe would also make a great vegetarian loaf. Do you change the temperature that it is baked

Jane's World says:

what kind of lentils do you use with the burger? cooked? a can?

Jamie Cee49 says:

I'm on a fixed income. I find it much cheaper doing a Plant Based diet then I do a keto one. You don't have to make it expensive. You can even buy chia and hemp seeds pretty cheap. Can't do tofu. But I bet I can replace that with white beans. Those recipes looked really good though.

rocco alex says:

Will check out that audio book thanks!

Thera Webster says:

What are the measurements for ingredients, please??

serv4crea says:

Where do you shop to buy in bulk?

Cindy Robinson says:

Everything looks so yummy

Batgirl P says:

Is that burger moist??

Jaden says:

if we can't eat tofu what would you recommend as a substitute ?

Veronica Be says:

I just discover the use of garlic black bean paste, bought it at walmart online. so good in maybe one of your dish, or mine like fried eggplant from Mary's test kitchen. look her up. I love this dish. but your tofu dish, I will have to try with black bean….something….

Jeanne Hinrichs says:

the government cut my food stamp 50$ so it's 82$ now I cannot buy in bulk nor do I have any space to store it am wanting to go vegan but having trouble a fording most of the stuff any help would be good

Katy Arnold says:

Love!!! your braids.

rniet1 says:

Love your arm muscle! Please do a video on that.

jenibo says:

I forced myself out of bed to go buy what I was missing for the curry. I spent about $5 and now have a full pot of banging curry πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Blond Elefant says:

You're so dope!

fruitofcreation says:


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