Jamie Oliver's principles for superb salads

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Principles of superb salads. Video taken from Jamie’s app www.jamieshomecookingskills.com


Marcel Audubon says:

stop saying, "rock and roll," please

Mark Fischer says:

I like my salads drowned in dressing. Anything less is bland. The dressing is where most of the flavor comes from and the wonderful oily texture that coats your tongue.

yingorange99 says:

I can only believe this is a good video…why anybody would down-vote it is beyond me!! Instead of down-voting it would be assumed they would simply stop watching it in this case!!

Irina Nikolaeva says:

I followed it to the letter and had the most delicious salad I've ever had! Thanks so much for sharing the advice

Jeannie Salinas says:

Sexiest salad maker ever! 😆 Thank you.. I'm inspired. Xxoo.

Jason Lee says:

I come back to this every once in a while to watch him shake the dressing at .25 speed.

Kamlesh Mallick says:

Salad Spinner is a game changer. Once you have dry herbs 🌿 it makes all the difference. Got the IKEA spinner.

Walter says:

This lemon Juice Olive oil dressing is so nice, one of the Best

lalita savardekar says:

Explained so well

Alan Potter says:

I strongly recommend using the Greek type of barley rusks in salads. They blend so well with any type of salad.

Regent Hoof says:

wow rocket science

Tyrielle Rell says:

Can you post the link to that salad spinner?

Grace Asher says:

I swear he’s so dang hot

Juozas Rauza says:

Who's watching 2020 ?


I make up a jar of dressing, sometimes add some chili flakes, and use this dressing for more than a week or so. Flavour remains good.

daeng chaiwut says:

You are amazing and funny lol

Annie May McNeely says:

Damn straight. I'm a Heather and ill salad block a Nancy every time . she can't have any.

Andy says:

Love the dressing 👌

Lisa Shears says:

I love your morality and your health conscious attitude the fact you've drawn immense attention to the fact that schools are providing junk for our kids in cafeterias in schools that actually have them; most dont in canada… but im unsubbing as I don't always know which video is yours and which is your sons and since the comments are turned off it leaves me feeling as though my input doesn't matter; please excuse I get it you gotta keep your kids safe but this could have been easily done by withholding all comments prior to being allowed to be posted by your safety settings. This also prevents trolling and bullying. I get it and please understand my unsub and my reasons why peace I have been a sub for years now and im sad to go but adieu and you won't miss me you've made it and are living the dream who needs moi… I am the unwashed lol….just a british joke/an olde type of joke for the monarchy…which on another point need to go tired of my taxes going to support a lazy scandalous pansy useless bunch of useless trash…… the gloves the queen wears is to protect her from what we commoners may have….. she used to berate diana for her work with the unwashed/in particular the aids and hiv victims; they should have blown the united states up for having designed the virus; same as the covid 19 it is statistically aimed at the ppl who suck off the system they paid into the elderly; people who are in ill health and black women…. two fold benefits there kill em so they don't keep reproducing when this is over it will have killed millions in depopulation globally this is why trump isn't afraid he knows there is a cure other wise he'd be same as our pm; in a basic lockdown from parliament same as the rest of the globe did think about it.. peace love and light…

Michael West says:

2:20 Did he say MINT. Pro Chef or not that's a classic example of "your not sophisticated enough to appreciate this". Survey says, "GROSS". Jamie thinks this doesn't taste like mouthwash. If this is his example of"soft herbs are rock n roll" I think he could learn a thing or two from a girl scout cooking class.

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