Chicago's Best of Rosemont: Maharaja

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Elliott visits an international restaurant offering authentic Indian cuisine, and a lamb chop masala you won’t find anywhere else.


Tom Samad says:

The less Elliot talks, the better!

isis heggs says:

I love this kind of food what a name Happy

J RG says:

I love the show but I really hate that male host!

Akshay Prabhu Tendulkar says:

Next time pls don't add the pathetic cliche 'Bollywood'ish' jingle with Indian restaurant videos pls. For heaven's sake 😅

Raj Patel says:

This looks more like Thai food than Indian food.
Most Americans don't even know what Indians are. Like that lying lady.
I doubt most Americans can tell the difference between wine and beer tbh.

Letz GO 76 says:

Marley should do the show on her own Elliott is just boring English boring.

Abhilash Kulkarni says:

Do u want naan too ! 😆

Wolf Green says:

Can't watch episodes with Elliot in it. He really ruins it.

Christian Chauhan says:

Behrouz Chicken Biryani is missing in this video.
♥ all your video's, Bro.

soyUsernameWasTaken says:

There was times when elliot's style of hosting is considered "fun" or "edgy".

It's not anymore.

I'm not telling u guys to replace elliot. But 10 comments on a 6k viewed video? Something gotta change. Probably a new format? Something that even elliot could fit right in.

Right now marley is the only thing that keeps u guys afloat…

Ben says:

Think its time for Elliott to move on. He really ruins this show

9nine inches says:

Happy Go Lucky…..I am on the clock here in Melrose Park Illinois USA watching this video on YouTube channel.. November 27th 2019

nuttel a says:

Nice to see Chinese Japanese American enjoy Indian cuisine.

rất mát says:

I like Happy 🙂

Steve Kramer says:

Elliot B. IS so Irritating that he Nearly Kills your appetite just watching & hearing him ramble on!!

manohar reddy says:

Nooooo.. expected Marley on this hot and spicy feature video..

AGK Production says:

great cusine great people

Vy Nguyen says:

Like if your not even from Chicago but enjoy these series!

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