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Our thoughts and prayers are with you. x #jesuisnice

Some recipes are deliciously simple and this Salad Nicoise from French Guy is one of those recipes. Using fresh and healthy ingredients, the colour, design and purity of flavour in this dish is what makes it such a winner.

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dp says:

First time I see a salad niçoise without tuna 😳

hm4791 says:

Dobro salata je o redu, ale gdje tu glavno jelo? Halo ba?

ssanimess says:

Made this today! So tasty! Great salad recipe 🙂

victoria milonas says:

Two items – no potatoes and green bell peppers??!! I thought the list for this salad was fixed by Escoffier himself. Or at least by Julia.

Beatrice Nkundwa says:

Nice is the most Italian city of France like Chinatown in New York City for China.

Marcus Pieterse says:

00:59 mmmmm… bell pepper disks

i wanna get to 1000 sub please says:

in french when you say meat you dont include fish !

Irene Adler says:

Where's the damn green beans?! Lol.

jayant ruparelia says:

Bullshit that is not a salad nicoice .

Lois Miranda says:

You missed cutting the hard outer core from the tomatoes. Good video though.

Блог гурмана / Gourmet Vlog says:

I loved this video. Thank you for sharing.❤

Alex says:

amazing salad will try it today. I ate a version with boiled potato and was very good

Tomas Muller says:

A French speaking english!! How bizarr!!

Parichat Pilawan says: << Buddha Bowl – Bol coupe salade rapide

Kaylene Enriquez says:

Help me guys what's the name of each ingredients of it???I need it now for our cookery class 😭😭😭

noonynoonynoo x says:

I love his accent and the way he smiles makes me smile too ^_^

Pia Vanderclausen says:

Elle est à chier ta recette mec. Arrete la "cuisine" et va te payer des cours d'anglais histoire de bosser ton accent de merde.

Pia Vanderclausen says:

Dude I'm french and I can make an effort to have a descent english accent. You are trying too hard to sound french while speaking french and it's really annoying.

A VB says:

I love this guy and his recipes, but this salad threw me off a bit. No lettuce, no potato, no green beans at all for a classic Niçoise salad? I'm sure this one is tasty too but not the salad I usually eat at French restaurants.

brave soul says:

huhum, une vrai salade Niçoise c'est avec les vraies olives Niçoises hien 😉

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