10 'UNHEALTHY' FOODS Which You Thought Is 'HEALTHY'

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Want to know about 10 healthy ‘Unhealthy’ Food options in tamil?
Check out these top 10 unhealthy foods which You thought might be healthy.
Presented By – Dr.Sathish

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Mr.Fit24Seven says:

Hope You liked the video.. So what would You like to see next?


Lion Australian oats good or bad solunga

Tittu T2 says:

Yes i found the truth in famous brand cereals , it contains sugar etc I stopped and now days looking the ingredients and avoid the particular products.

Tittu T2 says:

I always see ingredients. Yes package says fool us. Most of them don't look ingredients . They mentioned the percentage , eg they say oats but percentage will be less like 30 percentage alone but mention whole package. They mention wheat , if we check deep it's not whole wheat, Durum wheat or refined wheat flour etc but we look it wheat .

Raja Prabakar says:

Oh man Hats off to you! I like your warning in the begining of the video 🙂


Sema attitude…
Keep rocking.

Kandasamy Pandian says:

South Indian(especially Tamilnadu) TASTY healthy foods list podunga ji…..

Mohan Prasath says:

White bread Health

Saikarthik says:

bro what diet you are following pls tell

Sneha vlogs says:


Vignesh Venkat says:

Hi Dr my bones are thin so how can I get thick bones ?????

Santhosh S says:

Bro my intake calorie is 1800 I m trying to cut fat . Is it necessary to maintain low sugar diet .and I can gain muscle in this period

rani elizabeth says:

Sir please say about fish and cholesterol in fish

rani elizabeth says:

Sir say about fish

M.Karunanithi karuna says:

Yenna sir openinglaye sixer aadikaringa

Boopathi J says:

Nalla starting 😂


Thank you Dr. I got the clarity now on Dry Fruits also. One clarification required Dr., In Whey protein supplements, on the box and in the neutrional details they mention Sugar Free even for the flavoured ones. Is it better to use unflavoured one rather than the flavoured one?

FIX GO_GO says:

Bro you are the best

prabhu harikrishnan says:

Each and every information you mentioned here is much more valuable Doc… And day by day You just gradually increase your sarcastic talk much doc…keep roc😉

dude awesome says:

Bro makkal innu vegetables ah koda nalla process panni oil valiya valiya oothi healthy nu nenachu sapduranga
Innu sola pona kaliflower ah vada senji healthy nu solli sapda soltanga 😒

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