Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

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Today we are making a super easy vegan chocolate cake! Get the recipe below!

♡ RECIPE: https://itslivb.com/2019/02/27/easy-vegan-chocolate-cake-chocolate-frosting/

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Liv B says:

Happy wednesday! Have some chocolate cake ❤ This recipe is super easy and I fed it to 8 people who all gave it rave reviews. Hope you guys have an awesome day! xox

Unicorn Sparkle Tigers says:

I love chocolate

HeartCoils says:

I have made this cake twice now for my birthday and another family celebration and it is absolutely delicious. My non vegan family love it and think it’s great. I use mashed banana thinned with a little water instead of the applesauce since it’s hard to find applesauce where I live and it works out great. Thanks Liv for such an easy to follow and tasty recipe 🙂

Emily says:

Love this recipe, I made it once for me and my University friends (4 vegans) and I'll be making it again this weekend for another friend group without any vegans to show them how amazing it tastes!

Plotagon Pro says:

Where are the dang measurements???????????

Shreya Pabla says:

Can I use oats flour your recipe is amazung

John Rhodes says:

We made this and it was great! Thank you.

Andrea S. Quiñones says:

My birthday is in 3 days and I'm definitely going to try your recipe! Looks really good

Muna Jedski says:

I printed the recipe, I assumed Scale 1X, 2X, 3X meant the font…well, I ended up with 3X the batter! LOL…It is baking now, but on the positive side it did taste yummy. I'll have a lot of cake to freeze. haha..

Linda A says:

Can I use a banana instead of applesauce …I just don't have

Diana Ayllon says:

I think I did something wrong but the frosting didn't work for me, any help? I felt really sad about the little mess but the cake itself was ok 🙂 everyone liked it

Naturegirl121 says:

Can you use cake flour?

Rosario Aciar says:

I just made it and it was DELICIOUS, it was super fluffy you could fool any nonvegan

Sara Rakunathan says:

Can i use coconut milk instead?

Ellie Browne says:

Does it work the same if you use vegetable oil or rapeseed oil instead of coconut oil? 🌻

Manatee J says:

What can I use instead of apple sauce?

Nollly Bee says:

I was on pinterest looking for a chocolate cake for my boyfriends birthday and thought: WHY have I not checked Liv's YouTube first ?? 🤔 now I've found my birthday cake recipe 😂

Alexia Hsn says:

Thank you Liv for the amazing recipe !
It's still in the oven as i decided to try it out ! As a french, I had trouble with the proportions since I'm not familiar with the cup measurement.. 😅
Do you mind sharing the proportions in grams and milliliters ? ✨❤️

Vegan ASMR says:

How do you store this cake to keep it fresh?

Salinda Lorraine says:

I made this cake for my sister’s birthday and my other sister bought a cake (because we have a big family) and everyone said that this one was better. The other one wasn’t vegan, so I didn’t try it, but since the kids were the first ones to say it was better, I believe them (:

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