Goldbridge COOKS Lasagne

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Mark Goldbridge cooks begins with his favourites dish Lasagne. If you want more get in the comments and SUBSCRIBE here

Lasagne Recipe

Bolognese Sauce (Serves 6) to Serve 4 then reduce all ingredients by a third.

2 medium Onions chopped
3 Garlic cloves chopped
500g Beef mince
1 Green Pepper
1 Red Pepper
1 Large Grated Carrot
2 Chopped Celery Sticks

Spoonful of plain flour to go in with the Mince once browned
Season with a teaspoon of Worcester Sauce and a bit of salt and pepper

White Sauce
75g Butter
75g Flour
750ml milk

Lasagne Sheets


Arun Spencer says:

Mark Goldbridge Paulo Dybala is from Argentina like Lionel Messi

Shawn Makhan says:

Mark…Shouldn't you first put lasagne sheets in boiling water?!

Rohan Johal says:

This was on my birthday thank you for the present 🤪

Under The Bridge says:

5:42 😂😂😂😂

Robert Berning says:

Curry isn't Italian 😂 mind you, Iceland did sell a chicken Tikka Lasagna

T DM says:

I love how he says Sancho as if he is a Man U player

Rishabh K says:

I don't really understand why people need a garlic crusher. It's a semi mushy little thing. It's not a rock. Just smash it or grate it.

Finn Freehill says:

22:14 casually offends the entire west ham fanbase

Mark Batkin says:

Made this last night adding your recommendations of Brocoli and Garlic Bread as sides and got to say it was rather tasty thoroughly enjoyed it. 👍😋

Stuey Evans Vs The World says:

00:58 ah the famous Italian dish…”Curry” 🇮🇹🇮🇹

CamWT says:

You’re better than my food tech teacher from when I was at school 😂

Mohammed Amran says:

Gravy ?????

iron Mike says:

Mark you need to keeping doing this sort of stuff, it's clearly working fella, looks a belter that lasagne mate

Regan Davis says:

Hi Mark if you get this I love you and your vids you cheer me up so mutch and very funny

THC OF UYO says:


Jack says:

Goldbridge is too funny

samuel says:

Up the Goldbridge

Taher93 says:

Goldbridge seeking a new career after being disappointed by United for so long

Nalumeeno says:

This is a De Cesar recipe

Joe King says:

omg haha he's a real life Alan Partridge. Legend.

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