Spicy Crunchy Smashed Cucumber Salad | A Better Cucumber Salad

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Spicy Crunchy Smashed Cucumber Salad | A Better Cucumber Salad

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This little number makes a lovely little easy side dish. Based on a classic Chinese cucumber salad, it only uses a few ingredients and can be ready in no time. Add this cucumber salad to your list of easy recipes to bring to a potluck. So refreshing! Who knew smashed cucumbers could be so exciting!

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Production by Hristo Stoev & Paula Hingley
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How To Make Dinner says:

Do I talk about cucumber peeling too much?

The Primal Desire says:

I've never heard of cucumber smashing before. You've always got great tips Paula. Love your videos! That sauce sounds great. Love sesame soil in Asian style sauces. I need to stop watching your videos when I don't have food in my face. My stomach is growling now. Grrrrrrrrrrrr 🐯

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV says:

I’ll have to try it!

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV says:

I’ve never heard of smashed cucumber salad!

How To Cook Smarter says:

You've just showed how simple and fun homecooking should be! Love the salad and this quick Asian dressing.

Meredith Ryncarz says:

Love the recipe. Great stress relief too…

Paula Ann says:

Looks delish!! I love a cucumber salad and haven’t tried smashing them. Will have to try this method of “cucumber salad”. Thanks!!

Joly Tematio - Achieve Financial Freedom says:

This looks so yummy!

My Joy Of Cooking says:

Great salad recipe, very interesting.

APS Team Solutions says:

Not a fan of cucumber unless it has been transformed by vinegar or salt. This recipe just might do the trick!

ArdelleVision says:

Peeling some cucs….
Computer Peeling!!! Ahhhh hahaha 😂😂

ArdelleVision says:

Your my favorite. Haha the intros always get me! 😂😂😂😂

Maria Bradley says:

Ohhhh, I’m going to try this!!
Also, I think we have the same bowl.

Stefanie and Caleb says:

This is awesome! Always looking for new recipes! Nice job!

Lucy Griffiths says:

Looks so healthy!

Ralph Ervin says:

A fun way to make a healthy meal. Great video!

Geoffrey Setiawan says:

I know what I am eating for dinner tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

jh5037 says:

I had no idea about the secret smash! Thanks Paula!

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