How Cheese Is Made

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“The better the milk, the better the cheese. Everybody believes that.”

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese:

5 Spoke Creamery:

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Freddy Fazbear says:



N ka Pakistan says:

I like your video and Chanel

N ka Pakistan says:

I really enjoyed much more

N ka Pakistan says:

Very very good

BrawlBoy YT says:

My mom its making cheese because im have 2 goats

Animalinvasion says:

cheese is good on stuff but just eating plain cheese is disgusting

ElreeN john says:

I love cheese

Walter’s Big World says:

Me: Wow! Cheese is delicious! Bear: Give it to ME..

Someone with a brain says:

This women: "I love making cheese. It's not a desk job. I use my hands to make it".

Ooh I thought cheesemakers just sat there and cheese just fell off of sky.

Zàyàn Kź says:

5:11 so satisfying 😍

Larisa Mamedova says:

Супер-класс!!!! Молодцы!!!!

E_ Cat says:


Doel Emprit says:

Liz Stork, Love you. You're my type.

Kc Garcia says:

It's so cute looking at the owner smiles and then it slowed

Ross Fanatic says:

Basically this is about a lady saying “Cheese is hot and sexy.”

Clyde The Man says:

I read the title "How Chinese is made"

Humberto Vargas says:

Whoever reads this, God bless you, I pray that you come to know Jesus Christ, repent of your evil ways and surrender to Him…trust in his free gift of salvation!🙏🏼❤Take care…

Sameer Chandrakar says:

Saxophone music🤣🤣

afgzee says:

So where is the part about how cheese is made?

B. L. says:

Orgasms by Cheese. Is a better title. This is a collection of random streams of cheese maker consciousness. Not a problem. Just not about how cheese is made

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