101 MUST-KNOW English IDIOMS in 13 Minutes

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101 English expressions and idioms in just 13 minutes. In this video we look at some of the most common and some of the most useful idioms. With each expression you will have an example and a definition. If we’re going too fast you can slow the video down. Remember to switch on the subtitles.
The idioms I’ve chosen fall in to many categories. Work, business, relationships, anger, happiness and more. I hope you enjoy it

Intermediate and advanced English lessons with subtitles on our YouTube channel. Brought to you by LetThemTalk language school in Paris


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Geethanjali balaji says:

Please make it available in PDF format took it is very difficult to write akl of them


His videos are so informative, entertaining and fun . Makes learning fun <3 " I don't "Blow my trumpet" but I'm the best English teacher in the world." He slayed in this one. 😀 Couldn't stop laughing.

unnamed channel says:

me: You tugged all the ropes, but ripped none off them. Now saddle the chickens and ride out!
you: You're from Germany, aren't you?
me: Sooka blyat! A noo idy nakhooy, debil! Pardon my frongsay!

John Williams says:

very entertaining and instructive video, but you should have a system to denote any expressions that contain rude expressions 🙂

Tuutti says:

I was waiting for "by the skin of one's teeth".

Ruth Grego says:

I love your videos, thank you so much, after almost living 20 years in London, I am actually learning with you 🙂 a teacher in France …

說夢 聲粉、淼兮 says:

are most of them informal

說夢 聲粉、淼兮 says:


Piotr Pelc says:

3:01 …Jack. Don't you come back no more,no more,no more,no more…

himanshu goswami says:

Your video is pretty good however I watched it in so many attempts btw love from india ❣❣❣ and best channel ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩

I.O. says:

Well, Gideon, if you're asked what the no-bullshit approach means, you can forward them here. What a lesson, dynamic, interesting, useful.
But I have a question. 81 – start from scratch. Why there isn't an article before scratch, it's a countable noun, isn't it?

Marvee says:

6:23 😂😂😂😂

明無名 says:

Nominated you for the Oscar award also 🙂
Thank you for the very interesting lessons.

Mario Aidini says:

Your twin brother has a better accent than you 🤓

Helen Trope says:

There are a few errors in the subtitles.

sanjay sharma says:

Respected sir when it comes to knowledge and presentation no one can surpass you.i dig your impaccable style'
at the drop of a hat also means very quickly.Is it correct ?

Maria Makinen says:

This deserves a smile….keep your hair on!!! Visualising calm down….This is live✅Always a giggle of the Day!

Claudio Passilongo says:

I think you may blow your own trumpet! 🙂

Juan CamposILTO says:

The best channel ever made in Youtube. ♥️

Devidas Daryani says:

Sir pls can u upload the PDF of the same with meaning & sentence usage ..
I will be facing IELTS and I became a fan of your teaching 💓💓 love from India.. (pls do reply)

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