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This week on Basics, we’re taking a look at risotto. Normally rice plays a supporting role, but in this dish it’s the star of the show. I’m going to show you how to make both standard risotto and butternut squash risotto and then how to turn the leftovers into arancini.

Recipe: https://basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/risotto

Watch the rebroadcast of the live stream here: https://youtu.be/qeltSXT91ro

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bingingwithbabish/

Ingredients & Grocery List:
+ For the standard risotto:
White onion
Risotto rice (like arborio or carnaroli)
Dry white wine
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Chives (garnish)

+ For the butternut squash risotto:
1 whole butternut squash
White onion
Risotto rice (like arborio or carnaroli)
Dry white wine
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Fresh sage
Unsalted butter
Maple syrup
White pepper
Bacon (cooked)

+ For the arancini
All purpose flour
Mozzarella or jack cheese (something melty)
Panko bread crumbs
Oil for frying
Leftover risotto
Tomato sauce (for dipping)

Special Equipment:
+ For standard risotto:
Pressure cooker
Cheese grater

+ For butternut squash risotto:

+ For arancini:
Dutch oven or fryer
Thermometer for frying oil

“Solitude” by Broke for Free


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leela says:

he said "like so" like he says kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper in every damn video

VanDough Lokz says:

I blinked I’m sorry did you just deep fry risotto??!

Anonymous salad says:

Oi is this a JoJo reference

Lucas Letford says:

La squadra would like to know your location

Jeramy Higginson says:

"Great, now I have to pick that Risotto off the ground to eat it"

ran dumb man says:

Adam raguessea gave him the recipe

You know what I mean

El Padrino says:

Just no…. NO

Justin Hurrelbrink says:

Is "metric f**k ton" a proper cooking measurement? How do you convert to American measurement?

Nipur says:

$7 subscription for this?? Way too many channels for free!

Pratyush Mehrotra says:

I commented on the video like so

mlfgc says:

If you're putting a "metric ton" of any cheese into anything you Dont. Need. Salt. for fuk sakes

Sara McDonald says:

I love making risotto I love making a lemon shallot risotto I add some extra lemon and garlic and add prawns at the end also I like to make a butternut squash one too

Noriyaki Kakyoin says:

Good grief. You JoJo fans are everywhere! Can’t I just write the recipe down and show it to Holly?

Toveri Juri says:

One day Italy is going to have enough of this shit and declare a food war on the world.

Chunkle says:

It looks so gross it's making me vomit razor blades

Kimmy E. says:

Im sorry but BABY BABISH omggg your channel never gets old. Thank you for my yummy dinner tonight

Aristotle Bolisay says:

thats pourage.

『Jeff Daniel』 says:

i hear this meal is a good source of iron….

starfthegreat says:

Italian chefs completely murdered your butternut squash risotto lmao

T-Pose God says:

why was there a razor blade in my food? Oh god they’re coming out of my mouth what the fu-

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