Raw Vegan "Spaghetti Bolognese" | Amber Locke

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Hi lovely Food Tubers, please welcome Amber to the channel. She makes raw vegan recipes look and taste fantastic. This vegan “spaghetti bolognese” uses courgette as spaghetti and has an amazing sauce with tomatoes, nuts, vegetables, herbs and spices. Delicious!
What do you think of this recipe? What other raw vegan dishes would you like to see? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Find the recipe here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/member-recipes/recipe-detail/4668/

For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM

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TRU- FITNS says:

Did she season anything?

Christina A. says:

I'm not a raw vegan, but the sauce looks amazing! gonna give it a try!

DaBomJr says:

Pasta requires eggs. Bolognese is beef or pork sausage. Make your own dishes and quit ruining other dishes because you're uncreative. You could have created your own dish. Instead, you ruined bolognese.

Jon Stachelrodt says:

Looks very tasty.p and easy to make. Is the recipe available in written form?

beamspickett says:

Mix up a little nutritional yeast in that cauliflower and it would taste a little bit like parmesan.

Joanna Pragasam says:

this is life-changing <3

Tabasco 85 vegan says:

very Nice the artist raw food vegan. …!!!! 😉

pancakesandtea says:

where was the salt? did I miss it

Tabasco 85 vegan says:

very Nice…..!!!! its the raw food vegan artist …!! 😉

LeyLey says:

I just had a raw vegan avocado and spearmint basil pesto /zoodle dish, and it was delishous. But this bolongese legit looks to live for. I can't wait to try this for dinner soon!!

Asif Khan says:

With all due respect to anyone that liked this recipe and to Amber, I didn't like this at all. It was incredibly disappointing. After only six weeks of trying I'm pretty sure that the vegan lifestyle isn't for me and I feel bad about that because I know it's best for me and the environment but the food is just so unsatisfying. It's almost like penance, for all the wrong we as Human beings have done to the Earth so far.

AlienMidget123 says:

She literally looks and sounds like a vegan. Unhealthy and malnourished

yumyumbaboon says:

I was amazed to find this recipe on Jamie Oliver's site, and then of course I found out that it is not by him! Even so I thought I'd give it a go, and WOW what a yummy fillingdish! Thank you Amber. With wonderful colour and depth of flavour and different textures the palate is rewarded and the stomach satisfied. I have to admit that I did notuse the Cauliflower as I think that Nutritional yeast flakes offer a much better alternative and anyway the dish is hardly lacking in vegetables! Also a few pinches of Himalayan -salt were added for my taste.So if you are open minded enough to try something a little different then give it a go. And then if you do have some critical comments to make they might have some credence!

Upsidedown Rose says:

I tried this, but with a potato peeler for the courgette instead of a spiralizer and normal dates (budget) and it was delicious

Christina A. says:

so many haters in the comments, if you don't like it, just leave! despite being a meat eater, it looks like a woderful salad to have for dinner!

Martin says:

It's kinda like a raw vegan ragu 😛

flyingsolow says:

What a fucking disaster.

Carmelita Nazario KPOPSongbirdSupreme says:

I love this vegan dish. Let me try. 🙂

Carmelita Nazario KPOPSongbirdSupreme says:

What kind of this green vegetable which is used as spaghetti strands? 🙂 Because I'm gonna buy these. By the way, what's the name of this device which is used to make spaghetti? 🙂

LilReadingMunky says:

The list of ingredients never ends…. O.O

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