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Hey JCZ Fam!!! Welcome back to Healthy Moments With Jill! So tonight I made these delicious Stuffed Chicken Breast. The chicken was stuffed with some spinach, garlic herb goat cheese, Italian Blend cheese, imitation crab meat, roasted grape tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Oh man was this delicious. Along with that I made some purple cabbage and carrots and some roasted herbs red potatoes. Another simple and delicious meal for the family. Enjoy! Thank you all for watching!

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I hope you guys enjoy this video. Stay tuned for my next video on Saturday @ 8pm. Stay Blessed! 😉

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Eating With K Cotton says:

The cabbage and the potatoes are looking delicious, oh that cheese about to set it off for that stuffed chicken. Girl, it's too early for this, I'm hungry as heck this morning all up in the house of Jill Kitchen lol. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world.

Eating With K Cotton says:

Congratulations again Jazzie me and Quincy are so proud of you. You are going to do great things in this would.

Eating With K Cotton says:

Yes, let's get into this goodness. I love me some fresh herbs while cooking, This stuffed chicken is going to be full of flavor.

Ginger Snap 44 says:

Hey sis, everything looks amazing and I want you to feed me so bad… I’ll bring the wine and do the dishes

Just Chalfonté says:

Never had stuffed chicken breast. I love the way you cook, wish I could taste it!

Queen Cake's Mukbang says:

Hey Jill Im here watching you make this delicious recipe! love all the fresh herbs and tomatoes you used

Honimama 2.0 says:

Hey Boo I’m here watching I’m here for this recipe Let’s see how you make it, nothing like fresh ingredients I never had stuffed chicken breast, Thanks for the step by step directions I think I’m gonna try this one day, you are doing your thang I bet it smells just as delicious as it looks if that makes sense 😂, wow lovely and mouthwatering, great video and Thanks for sharing 💕💕

Step Rug says:

Good evening Jill on this beautiful Sunday I am here for this stuffed chicken breast I love stuffed chicken breast come on with it Jill tomatoes and stuff looks so good on that partially paper I am tuned in to this video go ahead on Jill them red potatoes look good and they not even done yet I love the way you did your stuff chicken breast I am watching it all the way to the Jill that plate look delicious jill you did a awesome job everything looks good have a blessed Sunday❤🙏🏾

PastorKims Corner says:

Great job Jill!

Candra Giles says:

Ok here taking notes👍 watching and showing love❤

Nobody Eats says:

Hi Jill, I'm here watching.

Piyali says:

Do you want new attractive Intros for you youtube and chhanel banner

latisha campbell says:

Jill this look so so good. I wonder how this recipe would taste with mushrooms instead of chicken

latisha campbell says:

People think because we can go outside that we're not in a PANDEMIC anymore. Im definitely gonna do these roasted tomatoes

latisha campbell says:

Hey Jill. Can't wait to see this delicious meal come together!


Chicken looks so so good👌🏾

VeggiePals says:

Hey Jill! Happy Saturday! Stuffed chicken breast sounds good! I’m so glad you’ve been able to enjoy some down time. I love roasted tomatoes 🍅 yum! Your stuffed chicken breasts look delicious! I enjoyed watching you cook😊💗

LimitLess By VLenoir says:

Oh! I haven’t made this in forever. It’s looking so good.

Dee Diets says:

Good evening my friend did you think I would miss this absolutely not I can’t wait to watch

KDoubleA TV says:

Yes, make sure that garlic and cheese is sitting in them pockets. The food looks so good and flavorful! Absolutely love your cooking videos! Another great recipe! Beautiful job Jill!!!

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