Traditional Steak and Kidney Pudding | British Classic Food

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Steak and Kidney Pudding is one of the classics of British cuisine. It’s not as popular as it once was because many people are scared to eat offal these days. This is a great shame because the kidney gives the filling a really punchy flavour. Steak and kidney pudding is encased in wonderfully light and spongy suet pastry. Normally when I make this I pre-cook the filling, but for this video I tried the traditional method, which involves adding the steak, kidney and onions raw. This makes it a bit tricky to get the seasoning right, but it turned out OK.

The written recipe for steak and kidney pudding is here:

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thehiltongirl says:

I had to laugh when he said, I dont know why thats wet, well its been dipped in a pool of water!!! ha ha ha.

Kathphlox says:

I think you should do one with your version of precooked to compare.

JanTheNan says:

M&S chunky steak.

JanTheNan says:

How did you get into internet cooking Keef?

jasbinder singh says:

Sure it tastes nice – but the look of raw meat always puts me right off cooking with it

Michael Buckley says:

I love steak and kidney pie but virtually impossible to get here in the US. My late great mother used to make a kidney and bacon dish that was and is, one of my all-time favorites,

Keizerlynn De Lafranc says:

I live in the U.S. and have had an obsession w/ all things British for as long as I can remember.
I wanted to make a steak and kidney pud, had ordered some beef suet on amazon since it's hard to find in the States, (and damn near impossible to find in my town).
I originally thought that the kidney part of steak and kidney meant kidney beans; when I realized it was an actual beef kidney I went to my local grocery store and found out that there is no way to get a beef kidney in my town, so disappointed!
So I don't know when I'll be able to try a steak and kidney pudding but it's on my bucket list.

frisko3000 says:

Good pud keefy 😗👌

JanTheNan says:

Do you think this could be cooked in the basin in a slow cooker.?

LeClaw says:

Bloody hell Keef why would tha ruin a reight good pudding with that Southern glue? shudders in t'Yorkshire

orange281gt says:

As someone who didn't grow up with this, I'd like to think I'd have an open mind about trying it. I wanna say I looked in the past, and here in the states the suet was only to be found as bird feed. As for temps, if my conversion is right, been around 15°C in the morning, but getting to over 37 during the day. So it's a bit chilly in the mornings for me.

John Neale says:

Sorry, this isn't abouth this particular video but I don't know how to ask questions other than through this process. Please would you let me know, when you use a gas ring on your worktop to demonstrate a cooking method, is that a standard camp "gaz" ring or something which is specifically designed for indoor use, and, in either case, which one do you use, please?

susan watmore says:

just as i make mine but i add i oxo cube ti the water

JanTheNan says:

Honest not stalking you both.

JanTheNan says:

Golden colour on suet crust very inviting yum.

JanTheNan says:

Pressure cooker job maybe?

JanTheNan says:

Please can you adopt me would be delighted to be official taster.?

Tony Casey says:

That looked lovely, but I'm not brave enough to stuff a pud with something I've not tasted first.
I put some stewing steak in the slow cooker overnight and I'm going to make a steak (no kidney this time) pudding for lunch today.
Great video as usual.
Looking forward to more British classics in the future.

Luke the Drifters Ghost says:

That is the strangest thing I have ever seen. I assumed it was baked. Pudding looks amazing. I am blown away how it turned out nice and golden brown. Please tell the misses good day to you ma'am
Peace Luke T

Morgan Taylors says:

Hey Keef! Absolutely love the recipe 🙂 I have a big favour to ask and was wondering if you would be able to check your Instagram dm’s as i messaged you on there!! Thanks a lot – Morgan

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