How to Make Handcut French Fries – The 3 Classic Ways

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Join my online French cooking classes πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³: In this cooking video we look at the step by step process on how make hand cut French fries. Making chips or fries yourself is very easy and it taste much better than anything frozen. Don’t miss out on those long French Fries McDonald style. just add a home made smoked chili mayo and some ketchup an you are ready to go.

In French this type of potato cuts are called : Pomme allumette, pomme pont neuf and Pomme noisette.

Ps: you have to use Potatoes suited fro frying.



Desiree Doan says:

Straight to my heart french fries love the hazelnut size doing that tonight

Jordanalwaysandforev says:

Tis YouTube. Can I help you?

K.R pujari says:

How to make barbeque sauce

Drew Shuller says:

Yes, the famous Heinz ketchup.

Accept no substitutes.

Nicole Thijs says:

They are BELGIAN fries! Its a Belgian invention!!!

Denfktinso Noyb says:

He mumbles a lot like Popeye. No big deal. A good video requires no audio anyway.

Alaasaurus says:

Is it normal to omit salting the fries once they are cooked?

Grim The Ghastly says:

This channel is criminally underrated.

jmbkpo says:

Delightful and beautiful

MarbleDwarf 5987 says:

Is French fried originally from France

Archer says:

Fries should be brined for 24 hours first. My celeriac fires have been brining for about a week. I expect to enjoy them in about 3 months.

sarah j. says:

why do people in the U.S. spell them pommes frites?

Mahy 191985 says:

omg you are an artist in cutting potatoes chef it looks like as if you cut it with ruler .are you an architect

Glorius_scrub_lord says:

huh, when i make fries i turn the temp up to 180 for the first dip and then pull the fries out and dry them off a bit and when the temp is back up to 180 i dip them back in till they are golden and floating, is that wrong?

Jeremy Metcalf says:

Careful, there might be some Belgians in here that will say they are truly Belgian fries.

Richard Middelberg says:

Hello and thanks for doing these videos!

What oil do you use/ is best?

I think the answer is no but will ask anyway – Can you get close to the same result by shallow frying?

James M says:

I watched this video about a week ago. Since then I have made about 200 kilos of french fries (chips). My cuts are much more consistent now.

I already knew how to make french fries before, the exact same way as in this video, but after seeing how an expert does it I have a good example to compare myself to. Now I keep my cuts much straighter and even.

Laura Kovalli says:

Great to see you back πŸ™‚Β What is the best sort of potatoes for French Fries in your opinion (NZ similar to AU, so we probably we have have similar ones)? Large and long is not usually enough for your level ofΒ quality outcome. One small suggestion, I think can be useful if your french term appear on a screen as subtitle. Most of people watching your video are english speakers πŸ™‚ What oil do you prefer for this? Olive sunflower?Thanks a lot for the video!

Andrew Sandberg says:

This looks delicious. I'm definitely gonna try doing this someday. Love all the videos so far.
Started watching a few months ago so Im excited you started to upload again.

Smiko says:

Which part of Australia are you from?

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