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Chef and five-time author George Hirsch shares his philosophy of bridging good food with good living. Taped in his Hampton home, George uses his culinary know-how and well-honed techniques to cook up savory recipes for entertaining at home — from preparing an intimate meal for two to designing a menu for 30 people. He also embarks on mini-field trips to local community producers and suppliers in search of fresh ingredients and down-home inspiration.


frank peter says:

I don't think he is 'creepy' or 'not nice' … I dislike the vast majority of these hosts who executive-produce their own shows. Perhaps his sign off should say "if I can do it, you can do it… provided you have some millions of dollars in the bank"

Daniel Zelazny says:

He is absolutely the dullest, most boring tv chef in the history of tv chefs…x2!

Colun Smith says:

I don't think this is a nice man.

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