Easy Bolognese Recipe | Jamie Oliver

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FULL RECIPE : http://jamieol.com/LasagneRecipeYT

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Sì al benessere says:

I am Italian and this is not a good Bolognese recipe

Antonio Inter says:

Call this sauce whatever you want but jesus christ dont call it bolognese 🤦‍♂️

Il gusto Della verità says:

OMG, im from Bologna, and this Is not a ragù…

Airyn Gustiene says:

that water have to throw out

🍅 says:

3:58 did he just said freeze it for months 😂

JoJo van lierde says:

It must be flat without salt , paper, garlic ,oregano , basil and bay leaf. Man you forgot to add all your flavours and aromas 👎. But right technique of preparing it.

George Thomas says:

Could the celery, onions carrot go in after the bacon and before the mince to be sauteed?

eileen tan says:

If I just cook for 1person myself ?

oldskool says:

Tinned tomatoes instead of tomato paste immediately stops it from being called an authentic ragu.

Reza Raissi says:

Please, don't call this Bolognese.
Sure, it's a Ragù, call it Jamies Ragù, Oliver Ragù, whateveryouwant ragù but please stop making confusion about a very traditional and historical part of bologna. it's a shame.

Abu Soliman says:

He said we can add half the amount of lentils?!

Emberzz says:

this is taco meat not bolognese

Chantel Patricio says:

I love this, its been my go-to dinner for months

The Ignorant Philosopher says:

For crying out loud. How hard can it be to post just a simple list of ingredients?

11ben1000 says:

He could have just put it in a container…

Morten Pedersen says:

Zero seasoning? Seriously?

Big Flat says:

We have kept it economical this will cost you about 3 grand ,but that’s for a family of four

Niu咪 says:

How to make the tomato paste

Swervyn Mervyn says:

You taught me how to bake bread, so simple, straight away by accident I did a rustic, indebted

lanae stones says:

If I only put 2 cans of water, is that OK? 4 cans looks too much….

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