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Our jacket potatoes are oven baked and stuffed with delicious, rich homemade beans & cheese. This is sure to become a weekly favourite as it’s so easy to make.

Get the full recipe here: http://bit.ly/LoadedBakedP

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JanTheNan says:

Halogen oven.

Pumzi S says:

Why have I just found you???? Off to my kitchen now

Too chi says:

Takes 45 minutes to cook… a few seconds later… they say after 45mins, give it another 45minutes…. Man just tell us it takes 3 hours to cook the damn thing

Keep It Real says:

So I actually made this (minus the blurghhh cabbage).

And it was bloody awesome!

Rebecca Woodward says:

There is a distinct lack of bacon. Would go with the cabbage and the beans…

S J says:

No butter on the jacket?!?!? 😲

JanTheNan says:

Haven’t had butter beans since school.

JanTheNan says:

Halogen oven every time.

DerthManter says:

"do anything else" jamie says, as I go watch paint dry

Adam Broussard says:

Whosawhat beans?

King Wasteman says:

probably one of the worst and time consuming ways to cook a jacket potato. first of all, no one cares how you cut the onions and garlic, it doesnt matter, but diced it better. Secondly you took all that time just to make baked beans, why not just get tinned baked beans and cook it and add extra things. thirdly, who the hell is gonna eat cabbage on its own??? thats disgusting, its only good as a diced topping. it would have been better if you made your own version of beans, probably make chilli and add it.

Sam LSD says:

You know it's white people's food when they add tabasco on cooking food. 😆😂🤣

athenasword1 says:

All I wanted was a typical filling idea so far I got set it at this and set it at that my Cooke was made by NASA yer! Rocket science?

HayatiKitchen says:

This seems so tasty – I love it! Please watch my version of Jacket Potato – https://youtu.be/Y0y_FbwtTiI

Puja Nanda says:

I can't help but notice that the pan was passed through a dishwasher! Woooops 😀

June Novae says:

or you cook it in the microwave for 8 minutes, smear some butter on the inside, open a tin of bake beans and drink some wine… There you go… (in reality I also love spending crazy amount of time on preparing food, so an hour and a half on a jacket potato is like a dream for me… and my so empty life…help…)

Simon Catt says:

Sorry guys, that's not the "ultimate pimped" recipe. You forgot to add lardons (and a good grind of pepper) when you were frying off the onions and garlic.

Anicient Bolt says:

Bit odd putting cabbage with it but some bacon or chorizo would be nice in with the beans.

bcgrote says:

Erm… that is a yellow onion, mate.

Amber Kyle says:

yall should try the kinds of loaded baked potatoes we make here in the south

they are literally heaven

pulled pork, bacon, cheese, butter, sour cream, red sauce and white sauce plus like other stuff 

omg amazing

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