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Family dinners don’t get much better than this… We’ve been trying to work out if Toad in the Hole is a British thing… Have you had it before?
Our version, thanks to you, includes venison sausages and shows how simple it can be to make Yorkshire puddings!

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Lee Atkin says:

The burn on Ben's arm looks painful

Bradley Stevens says:

You arsehole calling out your mother.

Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie! says:

Such an underrated recipe – so simple, quick and easy and ridiculously delicious to boot!

Horse Nuts says:

0:46 Pricking sausages? Really? It's not 1943 any longer and they don't put sawdust in them. Forget what granny says.

JanTheNan says:

Liver and bacon.

George Bott says:

SORTEDFood LOVE TOAD in the hole!!!! Sausages sizzling in the pan is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you guys love nursery rhyme TEN FAT SAUSAGES?

Nelson Sweatyballs says:

If I can't get hold of miwk can I use milk instead for the batter?

nick sweeney says:

Dreadful! An offense to everything Bright, Good & Beautiful. An absolute insult to tradition. What you've here spawned is an unholy Gameman's Dutch Baby/Mediterranean Mess. This is NOT Toad in a Hole.

Paladin Smith says:

Poking the sausages dries them out leave them be and you'll be fine. They only bang if you got them over a very high heat lol.

RatFacedJasper says:

Chunky onion in the batter? Gross.

John Davies says:

Cheesy hammy eggy. A Royal Navy favourite

Thomas Fisher says:

Seems like a poshed up toad in the hole?

Spawn Gaming says:

burnt as fuck lol

Gaglug says:

Onion cutting life hack: breath in through the mouth and out through the nose.

Evie Addy says:

Do the batter first then it has time to rest. While you make all the accompaniments xx

JanTheNan says:

Oh boy delicious.

Michel Tisdale says:

Bake cookies to help sell your house

Annie1962 says:

Well Barry's getting a lump of coal from Mum for Christmas..

Cat in a box says:

A British classic that you have ponced up. This was all wrong.

asdquet says:

Looks like a burnt toad in the hole.

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