500 CALORIE VEGAN RECIPES (Healthy Low Calorie Vegan Meal Ideas)

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PAMELA says:

Nice recipes but I would never use soft tofu cause its consistency reminds me of salmon (EWWW) But firm tofu is bomb πŸ™‚

Sophie Anastasia says:

Anyone else noticing the "ok" at the end of her sentences? πŸ˜…

EJ C says:

No disrespect, but as an Asian-Canadian who did you hang out with? Because you use a lot of Black, African-American affect when trying to come across as relatable and funny and that is disrespectful. We see it in commercials all the time and too many people use our characteristics for their personal gains while not giving props to us. Culture vultures… just saying it is disrespectful to American Blacks whom are constantly replicated but never duplicated.

peg sol says:

Julienne peeler?….

Tinnu says:

500 calorie meal is low? I guess if you're tall or working out. I'm 5'1 (156cm) and need to lose some weight so I need to eat less than 500 calories per meal if I'm gonna have 3 meals a day + maybe a snack. I actually probably do eat that much already if not more but that's why I'm overweight. I'd like to see some meals with lower calories, maybe 350-400. It's so ironic being a fat vegan, no one takes me seriously when I say being vegan is healthier lol

Catherine Long says:

These all look delicious. Thanks

Claudia Silva says:

These look so good !healthy and colourful!Love how you narrate. I also liked that the advice re. reducing the amount of oil or not using at all when cooking. Personally it took me time to realize that one can cook without and now I stopped using (water instead). And I still eat fat but I prefer it to come from whole foods (nuts, seeds etc..) as opposed to oils. Thanks for all the recipes.

Fallon Thompson says:

They look delicious! Can you please make mung bean cakes?

Quoc Bao says:

Slave food. Fulll of anti-nutrients LOL.

Ria Xhigne says:

Am curious about vegan diet, I want to try for a week just to see if my body change bec I'm suffering from overeating.😩😩😩😩What I need to avoid? Thanks a lot😘😘😘

beautymariely says:

Sorry, your link to the recipes does not work! πŸ™

Val Marie legault says:

Forgive me for asking,, but are the recipe amounts posted without cost?? Love watching your videos…

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

0:18 staggering

Margaret B says:

Such a veg-full stirfry! A lot of tasty veggies, lots of colors and flavours.
Anyways, than you for ceaselessly inspiring us!
Sending you lots of love! Have a great weekend!

Margaret B says:

Soba noodles are SO SO good! I absolutely love them in any form and the flavours you've used sound fantastic!
Also, what a fun packaging for the tofu ;D I have never seen anything like that!

Margaret B says:

I have never thought of grating tofu but wow, what a great concept πŸ˜€ I will have to give it a go!
Also, wouldn't it be easier to just grate the carrot right after the tofu? Less utensils to be cleaned πŸ˜€

Margaret B says:

Now we're talking- 500 calories is a reasonable low calorie dish πŸ˜€ I want no one to be eating less than that for a meal (unless he/she has to)
Also, I've got the previous vegan bundle so I am not buying the next one, but I highly recommend it! A fantastic assortment of recipes, guides and most stories!

Rowena Anderson says:

I love how you eat so much soy. My main source of protein is soy in some form.

Hadasha Patterson says:

I love noodles I try not to eat it every day.

Hadasha Patterson says:

When get off my fast I'll try it. Thanks and congratulations on yr books.

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