Healthy Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe | Jamie Oliver's Super Food Family Classics | Katie Pix

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This super-tasty pancake batter is perfect for vegans, plus buckwheat flour contains the mineral manganese, which we need to keep all our connective tissue strong and healthy.

Big thanks to Jamie Oliver for letting me cook this delicious dish.


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G says:

great video !!! love it!

susan wallace says:

I'm trying to get into healthy eating due to early on-set osteoporosis so I'm really glad I've found this channel. Thank you.

G. S. says:

still using that tefal TEFLON cancer pan …mhhhh healthy, NOT

Nick Meale says:

When you cook I want to kill myself

MoonieLass says:

This girl is so annoying i couldn't finish watching. What a shame

Monica Mora says:

unbearably hipper and talkative. RELAAAX!!!

Sanne Terpstra says:

Just made these. What a great lunch. Thanks Katie!

Dawn Russell says:

Lovely. Can you keep any left over pancake batter in fridge for a few days?

scen123 says:

Yay, a vegan recipe 🙂 except for the yoghurt of course

Yannick Wolfe says:

that's not enough maple syrup!

Liam Rock says:

Is the batter make ahead?

joegile says:

Love the watch, the sweater/dress/top(idontknowwhatitis). Oh and of course the pancakes!!!


pancakes = everyone's favorite.😋😋😋 you're such a cheerful and lovely girl Katie. Jaime it's a genius creating this wonderful recipes.👍👍😋 thank you for sharing with us. 😊😊😊

sherwin leggett says:

2:46 .. no one on earth can deny they do that exact same pose whilst reading a recipe lol.
every tuesday my day is made by you katie <3 !!!

plus i love pancakes !

nudl3Zz says:

did you lose your cool measuring spoon again? 😀

Delicious says:

amazing congrats, come and watch my recipe, I hope you like!

Sauce Stache says:

That looks soo good!! We need to figure out a good sauce for that!

Ara says:

Хеллллооооу красотка!!!!;***))

Michael K says:

That was one smooth pancake flip. Mine always fall apart when I flip them. Unfortunately I'm not as good as you when it comes to cooking so my first time doing a recipe it will always come out terrible, however I've been wanting pancakes for a while now, so I may have to give this a go.

Margaret Weir says:

Yum they looked so easy an yummy an I love your jumper dress Katie

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