What's Jamie Eating Today? #20 | Chilli Con Veggie

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Kerryann Dunlop has cooked up a delicious Vegetarian lunch for Jamie. It’s absolutely packed full of flavour with beans, tomato, herbs and spices. This really is a sure fire way to lift your veggies to a whole new level.

There is no stopping Kerryann, and she isn’t finished there. Make sure you buy her new Food Tube book crammed full of her favourite family recipes… 50 to be precise.
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umbraheart1 says:

This woman is sexy and amazing fully support her wow.

Abel & Cole says:

Looks excellent. Perfect for a chilly day like today! 

eNSWE says:

come now JO, don't you know that a vegetarian chili con carne is called a chili sin carne, not chili con veggie? 😉

BeerGogglesReviews says:

Kerryann you are a legend. Thanks for adding a good veggie recipe for me.

Katie Only_Love says:

Nice! More vegan recipes please 🙂 peace

Darg O says:

Great Chilli, Love veg Chilli!

Jamie, could you do a range of easy lunch/dinners to take into work? 

Mama Loves the Beach! says:

LOVE the vegan/veg recipes!

mashi muhamad says:

From the picture.. i thought nasi lemak.. LOL

TechLogic99 says:

What am I eating today? Have it guess people before its too late 😉

Roberto Moreira says:

it's almost a brazilian lunch 

Andriati Nadhilah says:

I want that book

ReinDa Stag says:

Whats the music that he used here?

BrownGeezer01 says:

Nice.. Will give thus a whirl

Jamie Oliver - Drinks says:

That looks totally delicious and works out at such good value. Perfect for #MeatFreeMondays

María Ángeles & Karlos Gálvez Domínguez Rodríguez says:

Soy seguidora de ti desde siempre, no hay en español. .gracias

sugartub says:

Thanks +Jaime Oliver and +Kerryann Dunlop for featuring a vegetarian dish!

Mofriese says:

Silicon Valley reference?

Scotty Eats says:

I would totally eat this!!


merelymaggiee says:

check out my NEW Youtube video, as i'll be making delicious vegan recipes soon to come!!!!!!!!!! XO

Me Mary says:

Try it last week and its superduper delicious!!!!
And psssst…Kerry your hair and Makeup looks so pretty!

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