Free Fight: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1 | UFC 196, 2016

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Nate Diaz surprised the MMA world when he defeated Conor McGregor on short notice at UFC 196. The rematch would take place only a few months later at UFC 202.

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Şampiyon Kardeşler says:

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Emmanuel Resonable says:

Full recovery 😂

ede cherstan says:

i thought conor's gonna win but things went in favor of the other fighter, though it was a good game

Bolos Master says:

Conors the most overrated fighter of all time.

ねる大好き says:


3z Optimis says:

All that trash talking and he couldn’t backed up… smh

Destruct Ndecay says:

Still one of the greatest submission wins. Wow. Mcgregor will never live that down. Diaz got him. 😝

Theo Tingz says:

I swear Joe is biased🤣🤣

Ash says:

Nate Diaz was caught in a light breeze once, he lost 3 pints of blood

LiL Clorox says:

Conor didn’t hurt Nate at all

notImpressed says:

Lets all take a moment to remember nate did this on 11 days notice.. conor never truly earned his lightweight title

kernow trebartha says:

WOW….WOW….WOW….WOW…….American vocabulary as good as it ever gets

Топ Видео says:


Jon Gonzales says:

Ten minutes of glorious, bloody, uncensored violence, then …
Nate Diaz : "Hey, I'm not surprised BLEEP BLEEP".
We wouldn't to offend anyone with delicate sensibilities, lol.

Burak Canpolat says:

Ahhahah kahkaha attım şerefsizim ya geri dönüş buna denir beeee

Busak Bober says:

bodoh tu pun twmberang

Larghe Gameh says:

Conor is beest but he give up to quick I mean no stimana att alz

georgetheonlyporge says:

One of my all-time favorite fights. And not just for McGregor's stupid look at the end…

macreuben says:

Those Diaz boys are just bread to fight until the end it really is incredible!

macreuben says:

That's a ending! The fight was great but that finish was textbook! Just beautiful

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