Plant-Based Thanksgiving Prep Q&A Part 2

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It’s Thanksgiving week, you’re plant-based and you’re the family’s not. Don’t freak out. Jill’s here to answer questions regarding meal preparation.


Country Side says:

Do I go to Amazon?

Country Side says:

So I want to order your thanksgiving book again I deleted it by mistake from my iPad.😥

Diane H says:

Anything new for the New Year?

Bethery von Dassow says:

In part 1, someone asked about creamed corn. My husband has made a delicious one (best with fresh corn, of course) by blended some of the corn with milk (we use soy or oat) and adding pepper. Heat it on the stove after blending and adding in the unblended corn. Sometimes it's soupy like chowder, but it tasted so good. You can melt in some vegan margarine if you like extra richness.

Joanne says:

What is a good egg replacer for cookies?

Christine Comeau says:

Hey! As much as I'd love winning a instant pot from you, I would love signed copies of your cookbooks.
Your great, the help, the suggestions. Thank You

Lake Girl says:

Hi Jill. I’ve purchased all 3 volumes but can only kindle match Vol 1. Can you please check with Amazon or Kindle and let us know about this. Another person said they contacted Amazon and they were advised only Vol 1 has a Kindle Match available. Would really like to have all 3 on Kindle as you said would happen with the purchase. Thank you.

sn232 says:

Where do you buy your Steen's pure cane syrup? Would that work to make candied sweet potatoes? My Mom's recipe used to use King's Syrup, but now that is high fructose corn syrup! Thanks for your help 🙂

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